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In the wake of Corona Virus 19 the Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has declared that same situation of closure of cinema halls, public functions, gathering will continue till 31st March – the release of abundant Kannada films is sure to happen in the month of April.

March 25, the beginning of New Year – Sarvari Nama Samvasthara there will be no jubilation from the Kannada film front or any other language films in Karnataka.

Now the piquant situation for challenging star Darshan starring ‘Roberrt’ that has declared release of the film for April 9, 2020.

This release day is tough because of the present conditions are taken in to consideration. Already the clamping of bandh from 14th of March made the six Kannada films released on March 13 and March 14 to have fresh release when the COVID 19 botheration comes to halt.

As a result the first week of April will have releases of Shivarajun, Naragunda Bandaya, 5 Adi 7 Angula March 13 and 14. So what happens to the films that were in queue for release on 20th of March and 27th of March?

As the ruling goes they would come in the new order. That means to say the second and third week of April will have releases of 20th and 27th March 2020.

The six films that had one and two days screening on March 13 and March 14 have made an appeal to the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce to allow them to release once the situation comes to normalcy. The apex Body is very optimistic on this appeal.

Look at the films in queue for release – (20th and 27th date releases) – Prarambha, Meena, Salaga, MRP, Run 2, Local Train,Maaya Bazaar 2016 and a few others.

Already films like Shivaji Surathkal, Love Mocktail, Bichchugathi, Ondu Shikariya Kathe, Popcorn Monkey Tiger, , Drona, 5 Adi 7 Angula  and a few others were running in different parts of the state quite well. These films also look for fresh release because of 17 days clamp of bandh of entertainment industry.

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