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The Kannada film for entire family audience, especially for those who are just married and for the senior citizens is an immaculate packing of entertainment assures HG Dattatreya, alias with his brother HG Somasekhara Rao of 84 years.
Dattanna and Somashekhar Rao have acted together in the third film in their career. This is the 52nd film of veteran HGS. The earlier two of the siblings was ‘Harakeya Kuri and Hoomale’. The reason behind HGS agreeing to act in this film is because there are some scolding scenes of HGS to Dattanna which he did not want to miss according to Babu Hirannaiah.
Shiv-Jagan duo directors immensely thanked Dattanna for great support to this film. It is Dattanna who looked at various dictionaries and finally caught hold of this title for the film that is so apt. Can we expect mist in the month of summer?  Life is like that. We are hoping for something that is beyond our reach. We don’t enjoy the present available.
It is in this film there is another stunning actor TV Gurumurthy. He was stunned for a few minutes when his character name was told as Venkoba. That is because his father name is Venkoba. In his last film late Gurumurthy played a role in his father name.
Sidlingu Sridhar narrated an interesting tale and connected to this film. Forty years friendship with a few in the team was easy to perform according to him. Chidanand felt he is lucky because Dattanna suggested this role. Thimmaiah says it was the role he wanted to do, Chandana Raghavendra first film explained the urge in human beings to get what is not there is interestingly showcased in the film.
Babu Hirannaiah disclosed that he is doing a role that is opposite to Dattanna character. Babu Hirannaiah is married is bachelor in the film, as married man in the family Dattanna a bachelor in real life was seeking advice from him.
Somashekhar Rao a veteran of 52 films a great thinker and straightforward double compared to his brother Dattanna stated that he is looking at good fortune for this film. My role is ‘Kshana Matra’ in the film he added.
We have three lovely songs in the film that are very meaningful commenced Dattanna his address at the pre release meet. We have not made any advises in the film. It is close to reality, a cheerful entertainer very close to many hearts. There is scope for introspection for the viewers. It is a jolly ride throughout is Dattanna observation.
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