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In the field of taxation, auditing, social service Auditor Srinivas debut direction ‘Arghyam’ with caption No Substitute for Water released the trailer of the film in the presence of legendary writer Dr HS Venkatesha Murthy at SRV theatre on Monday. The legend Dr HSV has written two songs for this film. Neeru Neralu Gali Belaku….and Hege Mareyali….

Speaking after the trailer release DR HSV stated that he knows the difficulty of film making. He directed ‘Hasiru Ribbon’ in the last year. In the ‘Utpadane Dande’ of cinema the social bent of films are rare. When I got the offer, I was astonished. Normally no one approach me for the lyrics for the film. Today ‘Nirina Samasye is Agni Samsye’! the coining of words from the legendary writer was to say that water issue is burning problem today. In the past Da Ra Bendre Gangashtaka on the significance of water said much. We have destroyed the nature for the sake of day today life. We have brought ‘Kalmasha’ to ‘Panchabuthas’. In such a scenario this film ‘Arghyam’ is with a purpose. It needs the media support so that it reaches everyone mentioned the stalwart writer.

Man with figures always in his main profession in the auditing field Srinivas says we cannot manufacture water. This ‘Arghyam’ is to bring awareness on significance of water. What happens when a day or two water Bundh is made? We have worked on lake restoration. After ‘Tarangini and Ardhangi’, this is my third film production and debut direction. I have touched only social issues in my films mentioned Srinivas.

Rajesh Rao and Shilpa Shenoy are poles apart in this film as couple. It is ‘Haa Haa Kaara to Aa Aa Kaara…film says Rajesh Rao.

Silli Lalli Anand in the role of an educated youngster takes up the  cause of his father in the village with self respect.

Palani D Senapathi music composer of the film ‘Arghyam’ says due respect is given to legendary writer Dr HSV as none of his words were changed and after his lyrics coming to the table we have adjusted tunes he stated. Anuradha Bhat and Ajay Warior lent the voice for two songs. We have done RR giving scope for silence stated Palani D Senapathi.

Srinivas Kaushik established director worked on screenplay and dialogue department for this film. it has been 30 days schedule in Bengaluru and outdoor. We found difficult in getting dry lakes for the shooting purpose he pointed.

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