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Posted date: 12 Thu, Oct 2017 09:26:43 AM
Director Manju using just two characters in the film has come to release time of his much cherished film ‘Asachbhu’ – that means Akasha, Soorya, Chandra, Bhumi – without which we cannot live is his concept.

The nature is very strong and prominent for such a nature we create harm. With base of environment protection, Manju has made it entertainer with two characters. He has handled the naxal issue in his film. How a mentally hit person comes to the nature and change over for better is first issue. When nature is helping why we are not protecting it is the question. There is another cop who comes in search of hideouts of Naxal living in the dense forest.
This film is heading for release on 20th of October. No information on the film to media on his film resulted in some tension in the team. For a series of questions on what the film all about Manju did not reveal the clue. Finally he conceded in explaining story line of the film. For everything you have to watch the film means, how is it? It is Rs.30 lakhs cinema.
Lakshman a black belt champion in Karate a construction worker is lead in the film. Maruthi a fond person among the still photographers handling various cameras stored the film. The Dubare forest episode of elephants was very strange for the team members.
Rajanna is distributing the cinema in forty plus theatres. The percentage system is what he follows.
Only nature speaks in this film. director SL Manjunath has shot the film in Madikeri, Dubare forest, Mini Abbe and other locations
Raj Bhaskar has used different Raaga ‘Pilu’ for this film song. Lakshman and Govindu are the only two actors of this film.
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