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Every human being is not satisfied. Wants are unlimited in life. Most of the people are unsatisfied – Atruptha! Based on this director Nagesh Kylanur made a film and he immensely thanks five technicians – music director Shekar, CG Ravi Kishor on camera, Shivaprasad editor and Kannan on CG plus Suresh DTS, Manager Somu, the RR for this film was done at Germany is another highlight.

There will be feelings of ‘Athamas’ in the film but not in usual horror style. Technicians have done hard work. It is a challenge that Nagesh accepted with his ‘Premasura’ was locked in the cans. In three months and 17 days he got the project ready with first print. He has plans to release in January. The film is about just married couple coming to a Villa and proceedings after that are interesting that happens in just six days.

Producer Raghunath explained that Chamundesware studio is also of good support and technicians are backbone for this film. Director Nagesh is having strong future in this industry.

Shivaprasad says we have worked without time limit. Kannan has produced good results in eight minutes of CG. The planning of this film is what impressive says cameraman Ravi Kishor. Naveen explained on the dedication of everyone in the team.

Shruthi is in different kind of role from her previous films. The happening is in one flat. I have dubbed for the first time. It was one schedule of shoot, the flow of the movie is good she explained.

Arjun Yogi of ‘Enendu Hesaridali’ is firm on his on his opinion that had he missed this, it would have been a big loss of his career. I was intending to take up a commercial film. But this film came to me and given satisfaction.  I was asked for a dubbing to trailer shows how concerned is the team on the making of the film. After everyone watch this film there will be feel of ‘Truptha’ says hero of the film Arjun Yogi.
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