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Title – Ayana, Producers – Basavaraj, Bharat, Krishna V, Direction – Gangadhar Salimath, Music – Shriyansh Sriram, Cast – Deepak Subbanna, Apoorva, Ramesh Bhat, Vedasri Rao and others.

Software guys conviction, perseverance and approach for novelty is seen in this ‘Ayana’ Kannada film that was released on last Friday.

The normal mindset about software guys – getting hefty salary, spending happy time on week end with party, purchasing a house at a young age etc….crops up in mind!

That is not everything of the software professionals is what an intelligent Gangadhar Salimath and his team have to say in the film. The pressures, aspirations, hope for developing own office – dream chasing efforts, the market strength sometime putting down their ‘Aasha Gopura’ – all such related things you would find in this film Ayana.

It makes you watch the film because of so many good contents gathered in the film. The other side of the coin is also important before coming to conclusion is what one feel after watching the film.

Ayana is a new path. An youngster with good qualification and ability sets his mind for his own company. In the new set of system he develops, he employs a few but finds it difficult to pay them at some point of time. He runs from pillar to post for a steady business of his new profession, but suddenly unexpected turns makes him lean back in life. The tribulations he faces once he sets his own office is of course a lesson for software professionals with dream chasing mind. 

Aditya (Deepak Subramanya) and Divya (Apoorva) are in lead roles of this film. They are leading a happy married life. Both are blessed with a good job and hefty salary. Aditya intends for IT industry of his own. He struggles to bring capital for his new dream. When he inevitably agrees for one of the investors, he will have to lose the dream he has built in. He compromises in his life with new investor. At the time of launch of his IT industry work to the market – the same thinking of Aditya in mind comes to the market even before his. He feels that he is in a sinking boat.

The film also throws light on the family life of couple working in IT Industry, their stress; struggle is a good eye opener. What the parents wish for from such children is given a thought. Are the IT officials are happy in life? The human relations taking a deep nosedive are also given attention in the screenplay by director Gangadhar Salimath.

After a series of setback how Aditya, protagonist of this film feels better with his new concept in life. How he reaches this convenient spot, you have to watch this well made film.

All the actors have given their best in the debut film. There is good support from Shriyansh Sriram music and there is visual treat from cinematography for the eyes.

Even if you are not a software guy, you can watch this film. Don’t wait for this film to come in small screen. Watch it on big screen without fail.

Score – 4/5 ****

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