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It was a joyous mood for producer of Crystal Park Cinemas TR Chandrasekhar on Sunday evening at Kalavidhara Bhavana as second and third films celebrated the joy of success by presenting mementos.

TR Chandrasekhar did not celebrated his first film Chamak 100 days event but he moved ahead with second film Ayogya in Mahesh Kumar direction 100 days and Srinivas MG ‘Birabal’…finding Vajramuni 50 days event jointly. Obviously there was 150 mementoes presentation from Crystal Park TR Chandrasekhar.

Satish Ninasam was in sad mood remembering his olden days. The hero of Ayogya in the presence of Srimurali said he is growing looking after him from ‘Chadra Chakori’ time. The loss and gain would take the actor to different levels in life. I came up from small roles and as producer lost the film. In Tiger Galli it was disaster and around that time signed ‘Ayogya’. We faced ordeals while working for this project. I would only request everyone not to see any actor poorly.  He comes up in life with just one click of his flick. Do not speak negative urged Ninasam Satish.

We have seen 100 days, 25 weeks events, as technology improves we are content with 10, 25 days run of the film told Kari Subbu that is a fact.

For the success of the film it is always producer responsible for it. Without money you cannot make a film. in addition to it discipline in all areas is very important told SA Chinne Gowda KFCC President.

It is an achievement in these days to see films running to 100 days in theatres. From Lucia, I have been fan of Satish in cinema industry. Actors give concentration to only acting and nothing else mentioned Srimurali chief guest of the event.

TR Chandrasekhar was happy for all the three films of his banner accepted by the people. Hat Trick is god gift. For the absence of his two films villain absence he felt unhappy.

It has been 12 years dream of becoming a director. I believed in Swami Vivekananda principles. It is cinema duty to pass on such noble thoughts. I got enough support from the team stated director of debut film ‘Ayogya’ Mahesh Kumar.

Birbal director MG Srinivas, Kavitha Gowda, Shivaraj KR Pete, Tabala Nani, Bahaddur Chetan Kumar, Pramila Joshai and others were present at the twin celebrations of Crystal Park Cinemas.

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