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Title – Ayogya, Producer – TR Chandrasekhar, Direction – S Mahesh Kumar, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – Pritam Tagginamane, Cast – Ninasam Satish, Rachita Raom, Ravishanker, Shivaraj KR Pete, Giri, Tabala Nani, Aruna Balaraj, Sunder Raj, Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap and others.

Keep away all your tensions and worries. You watch this film ‘Ayogya’ for a big relief. It is a pack of assorted sweets. There are tense moments, revenge saga, good mother sentiment, the deep concern for the Government of India ‘Shouchalaya’ is stressed in the film. It is packed with good performance and has elaborate narration from newcomer S Mahesh Kumar. A talented director has taken birth from this ‘Ayogha’ – nothing harming anyone this is a treat for the masses.

Director S Mahesh Kumar in the camp of Yogaraj Bhat and Dhuniya Soori has mixed both styles in his first direction. Some of the minute things he concentrates but he jumps from the situation to give over all good moments to watch.

In his 153 minutes film ‘Ayogya’ director has looked at many angles. The careless and unemployed youngster Siddu Gowda (Ninasam Satish) is the mainstay of this film. He takes on the giant Bachche Gowda (Ravishanker) and the use of brain works than the other forms. Of course there are two chilling action scenes but the option of the director to get in to intelligent piece for slashing mammoth Ravishanker is a right move.

Look at how Siddu Gowda makes Bachche Gowda to go for ablution in the open field with people of his village following him. For this the idea of Siddu Gowda literally makes Bacheche Gowda a ‘Bachcha’. Earlier to it Siddu Gowda takes a serious setback from Bachche Gowda. You know the Indian film hero has to win at any cost. The same happens in filing papers for the Grampanchayat Elections.

The roar of Siddu, the circumstances Siddu, the managing ability of Siddu gets him applauds needed. Siddu for his love interest also takes strain in convincing his broker father in law. It is his sincerity and humble nature gets full marks from Nandini (Rachita Ram) and no job to earn livelihood is not a matter at all for Nandini.

Siddu and his friends are having good knack in uniting the lovers at any cost. This is an extra task for Siddu that showcase his generosity and magnanimity.

As we said earlier that brainy Siddu tackles the huge Bachche Gowda in the ballot boxes and turns victorious. The win is for the people of his village to get ‘Shouchalaya’.

Ninasam Satish best so far one could say easily. He has many areas to promote his acting skill in this film. He is short in height but has no shortfalls in positioning him in the action hero image.

Rachita Ram has not much to hold attention but she is eagerly looked forward whenever she comes on screen for her beauty and naughty style.

Ravishanker scream continues in this film. Aruna Balaraj as a fitting mother, Sunder Raj as a broker of marriage gets good attention. On the comedy track Giri and Shivaraj KR Pete lifts the film.

Two lovely tunes have come from Arjun Janya. Enammi Enammi is the best and Ayogya title song is passable. Cinematography from Pritam Tagginamane is impressive. The dialogues for this film are well written and nativity is another highpoint of this film.

Ayogyan Thandu…En Cinema Madiddaarri…go and watch without fail.

Rating:4.5 /5 ****

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