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The nonagenarian KCN Gowda opined that one should live like Dr Rajakumar and another person of his stature would not take birth here in Karnataka he firmly believed. He was giving his thoughts when he had come to ‘Belli Hejje’ 7th in the series chat show organized by Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy on last Saturday evening at Badami House.

The absence of the Kannada film industry people has irked the veteran producer, exhibitor and distributor KCN Gowda and the other irking point was when the anchor said the program would be telecast in Suvarana channel and everyone would see it. It was a meet with the giant controlled by Suvarana channel and the questions from the anchor were also in favor of the channel program. How can a government program go to one channel? Has a contract been reached or a deal is struck that supports the Karnataka Chalanachitra Academy financially? As a matter of fact it should be free for all.

However one of the pillars of Kannada cinema KCN Gowda recounted his early life, the silk business, making an entry to cinema business, his aspirations to show case the classics like how he did for ‘Satya Harischandra’….and so on plus on two sons KCN Chandrasekhar and KCN Mohan growth in the field came up in two hours chat. He has plans to bring the color format to Kasthuri Nivasa, Mantralaya Mahatme’

For the younger generation he said who would see Rajakumar films. Instead of saying like that keep quiet at home. Do not insult the giant. Sathya Harischandra is a historical one while ‘Kasthuri Nivasa’ is a social Sathya Harischandra felt the veteran.

What was more disturbing for the veteran Gowda was when he read the 10 pages report for the good of the Kannada cinema industry none other than TS Nagabharana was present to hear it! There is no point in talking from one side when there are no one from the industry to hear he mentioned his dissatisfaction.

Here are some of the highlights of veteran observation on the improvement of the Kannada cinema industry.

The family audiences are glued to cinema television sets. To bring them to the theatre there should be attraction not available on small screen. The days of brother, son, son in law becoming heroes and directors should be stopped so that half baked films do not come. The availability of cinema available for just Rs.10 as rent should go. Like wise the four films a week should be put an end. The enough market for the films should be tapped in right approach. The interaction of seniors and juniors would enable the makers know more about the significance of making a film. Uneducated knows everything from seeing the film. That is the strength of the media.

We give a detail backgrounder to the veteran.


Evolution is far more important than living. That is with strong vision and deviation for good progress – that is in a nutshell the hallmark of strong empire headed by K.C.N.Gowda the octogenarian torch bearer of Kannada cinema.

From a tiny village Konehalli in Doddaballapur Taluk the eldest of six of Sri Chowdaiah and Smt Muddamma – Nanjunde Gowda grown up as a towering personality in the Sericulture and Cinema industry as K.C.N.Gowda.

Urge to make it big from the childhood KCN Gowda did not evince interest in education but showed his grit and determination in every work he has taken and made progress. He showed his interest in the sericulture business in stages and fulfilled his dream with successful results.

For the progress of KCN Gowda in business his brothers were the backbones. In North India the diversification of business scaled new heights for KCN Gowda. The popularity increased from day by day. His wide travel and often coming to Bangalore resulted in meeting variety of persons. One of the persons he met L.S.Iyer from the film industry drew him to filmdom.

One fine day when he was in Rajajinagar Bangalore he took part in the BDA auction for building the cinema theatre. That place he bought in auction is today’s spacious and well maintained Navrang theatre. Around this time of purchase of plot for theatre construction KCN Gowda constructed a Rajakamal theatre in Doddaballapur.

His genesis in the filmdom is through distribution of Kannada film ‘Belli Moda’ directed by S.R.Puttanna Kanagal. It is from this the banner of KCN Movies was evolved. Thus the spreading of wings in the filmdom also took new turn in the life of KCN Gowda. The luxury found in other languages he always wanted to bring it on Kannada screen.

Besides giving entertainment the flagship of KCN always vouched for quality and morality in its selection of subjects and film making.

The first film ‘Bhale Jodi’ starring Rajakumar in double role was launched in Rajkamal Arts, Doddaballapur in early 70’s. At the release time of this film 80 feet cut out was erected with prior permission from government and this is the first time such publicity strategy was applied. The mega success of the maiden film and the support he got from Kannada film viewers inspired him to go in for popular subjects for Kannada screen.

In the days of KCN Gowda the infrastructural facilities were not so good and there was struggle for shaping good quality films. Undeterred KCN Gowda formed himself as the trailblazer. For producing color films the raw stock was not available. Using his strength KCN Gowda was responsible in importing raw stock for color film production directly from up countries. He took challenges to boost up the quality of films. His first such challenge was taking up T.K.Rama Rao’s ‘Bangaradha Manushya’. Starring Dr.Rajkumar directed by Siddalingaiah it has created history. ‘Sharapanjara’ starring Kalpana directed by S.R.Puttanna Kanagal was another milestone in the career of K.C.N.Gowda. ‘Bangarada Manushya’ ran for two years in States theatre Bangalore while ‘Sharapanjara’ was a silver jubilee film. It was the right fruit for his discipline and devotion in work.

The foray in to social, mythological, historical and entertaining films came very frequently from the banner of KCN Gowda. He produced more than 50 quality films like Bhale Jodi, Babruvahana, Bangarada Panjara, Sanadhi Appanna, Jayasimha, Huli Havina Mevu, Kasturi Nivasa, Bhakta Siriyala, Ranga Nayaki, Antima Teerpu, Dhari Thappida Maga, Namma Samsara, Nammura Raja – the top grosser in the box office.

KCN Gowda has introduced many new talents to Kannada cinema in the field of artistes and technicians. There was no shortfall in the hospitality in the production house of KCN Gowda banner.

In more than three decades of film production, exhibition, distribution he has won many accolades in the state and national level. KCN Gowda the state award winner has so far distributed 400 films of various languages in his career.

Dr.Rajkumar was appreciating KCN Gowda as the ‘Anna Dhaata’ affectionately.

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