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Here is a man with a lot of conviction and care for society. That is Shivaji Rao of Mysuru, an actor of nearly 10 films in Kannada, a civil contractor by profession living at Mandi Mohalla in Mysuru.

Shivaji claims that his film ‘Benkiya Bale’ is made at Rs.80 lakhs expenditure. He does not want even a single paisa from the collection – the collected amount the exhibitors may directly give it to Kidwai Institute of Oncology he says.

In the days of film making very tough, film releases are very difficult, audience are not flocking to theatres, here is a man Shivaji Mysuru who wants to release the film ‘Benkiya Bale’ (same title film was made in 1983 starring Anant Nag and Lakshmi) in 50 theatres giving rent amount or come to an agreement on percentage system.

Shivaji Mysuru wants the collection to go to a cancer hospital and the reason for his mother Smt Leelavathi's death is because of cancer disease. It was in 2005 August Shivaji Mysuru gave all possible medical aid to his mother. He also knew the trials and tribulations of another patient in the hospital. Adding the incidents he had seen and heard made a film script in his mind.

Shivaji Mysuru for his film BB never made a bound volume of script. He just went ahead with shooting when no one came forward to act. He starred in his own production. It was a two years project he remembers.

In this film BB with three action and five songs, he has brought in mother sentiment, love, estranged couple, respect to women etc. it is U/A certificate film.

Shivaji Mysuru is confident of people's acceptance for his film. He is into his second film ‘Mandya to Singapore’ that is on drug mafia.

On 6th of October, 2020 after audio launch and trailer release, the film BB is open for public free of cost says Shivaji Mysuru. This film is getting ready in Hindi and Tamil languages too.

Shivaji is an ardent fan of Kannada cinema. He says this cinema industry is like ‘Suryaloka’. You get ‘Silver Chariot’ when you move in the right direction; the wrong path would obviously lead one to ashes, he observes.

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