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An emotional writer and director Teshi Venkatesh was in choked voice when he urged for the people in the society on the status of ‘Lesbians’ in the society. Don’t call them ‘Salinga Kamigalu’ just call ‘Salingaru’. Most of the countries have approved for life for ‘Lesbians’. We should have humanity to such people. We find one percent of the world population in this category says Teshi Venkatesh adjusting his emotions.

‘Best Friends’ is about two girl friends. The fifty percent of the concept is based on a real life incident happened on November 28, 2012 in Haasana district. For this murder attempt of Shruthi and Rashmi Teshi Venkatesh went deep into the subject without disclosing his identity. The people connected to the incident considered him to be one of the investigative team from police. That was enough for Teshi Venkatesh to derive real facts.

Coming back to direction after five years Teshi Venkatesh says this is an emotional cinema and ‘Tirpu Nidalarada Prema Kathe’. This is not a commercial film but socially relevant cinema. Twenty six countries have given status for ‘Lesbians’ and some of the countries consider ‘lesbians’ as culprits. This is a film on section 377 of the Indian constitution. For thirty plus days Teshi Venkatesh an intelligent film maker worked in Chickmagaluru surroundings. The film got U/A certificate from regional censor board.

Best Friends is in the production of Lion Venkatesh. After ‘Akshate’ Lion Venkatesh taken up a purposeful cinema in this ‘Best Friends’ and wants to go to the people through Lions and Rotary Clubs for creating awareness in all districts of Karnataka. Understanding on the concept in all angles Teshi Venkatesh has worked. The attempt is to living rights for ‘Lesbians’. I have liked the commitment of Teshi Venkatesh mentioned Lion Venkatesh of his Sri Thirumala Cine Entertainment film ‘Best Friends’.

Meghana and Dravya Shetty are ‘Best Friends’ of this film. Meghana is convinced with the different concept of the film. she plays Srushti a bold girl. She is college friend to Akarshini that is Dravya Shetty. There is no dramatic presentation everything is natural in style. This is unique subject according to Meghana and Dravya Shetty.

Asha has liked this team of Teshi Venkatesh to appear in a role. Sumathi Patil also joint producer of the film is in mother role. She explained the trauma faced by the mother on the status of her daughter is touching. According to Teshi Venkatesh in the coming years Sumathi Patil will be a good performer on Kannada screen.
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