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Posted date: 03 Tue, Apr 2018 10:31:23 PM

The Bhandari brothers – Anoop and Nirup apologized to the Kannada for making a wrong statement at an interview and said this would not be done again. At KFCC meeting on Tuesday evening Sa Ra Govindu said it is the biggest mistake on the part of Anoop, Nirup and Avanthika Shetty. They should not have uttered such words. Rapid Rashmi should not get assignments for such talk shows he opined.

What did the trio in a chat show with Rapid Rashmi had told? Rapid Rashmi asked to fill in the blanks for those who have not see ‘Rajaratha’ Kannada film – First Anoop said ‘Kachada’ those who do not see the film, clapping in both hands Avanthika Shetty had told ‘Kachada Nan Maklu’ and Nirup Bhandari added an extra word ‘Kachada Loafer’ those who do not see ‘Rajaratha’.

This has become viral and KFCC convened a meeting on Tuesday evening for such statements and warned the trio of consequences in case such mistakes happen. Sa Ra Govindu also warned Rapid Rashmi not to ask provocative questions.

Nirup Bhandari speaking at KFCC meeting said never in his life time he uttered such words, you can check with the set members, I have realized the mistake and unconditionally tender apology. Please excuse for such usage of words he said.

Nirup also explained similar things but making good cinema is the motto, we would not commit such mistake ever in life he mentioned.

Avanthika Shetty mobile was switched off for all the team members of ‘Rajaratha’. This is the second controversy part of Avanthika Shetty life in cinema profession. Earlier she leveled charges on humble producer KA Suresh.

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