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Title – Bharjari, Producer – R Srinivas, Direction – Chetan Kumar, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – Srisha Kuduvalli, Cast – Dhruva Sarja, Rachita Ram, Haripriya, Vaishali Deepak, Avinash, Srinivasamurthy, Thara Anuradha, Suchindra Prasad, Ashok, Sadhu Kokila, Raghav, Uday and others are in the supporting cast. Deepu S Kumar editing, Shivakumar art, A Harsha dance, Vijay and Ganesh stunts, Screenplay, story, dialogue and direction by Chetan Kumar, lyrics by AP Arjun and Chetan Kumar.

This ‘Bharjari’ is bombastic in action, touching in tale, hilarious in comedy, melodious in music, wonderful in dialogues, attractive to the eyes in cinematography, good in acting…..what else you need to buy the ticket to watch this film. It has all the ingredients of a commercial entertainer. For the family audience also the film has some high class bondage, give up the feud of olden days the film calls upon at the end of the film.

For Dhruva Sarja this is sure to give him hat trick crown. He is best in dialogues, action, and dialogue delivery. The wait has paved him good results. Chetan Kumar as director in his second with hero Dhruva Sarja and producer Kanakapura Srinivas has given a spectacular treat to action lovers.

He is Soorya – he is Bharjari in all ways, grown up for 20 years under the tutelage of Suchindra Prasad a professor and loving mother Thara Anuradha is in for surprise in his life. In the first half our hero Soorya love affair with Gowri (rachita Ram) has some interesting situations. At the interval point he is in for big shock with Haasini (Haripriya) character in the railway station calls him as her lover.

The life of Soorya in Army as soldier takes another turn in life. Haripriya from the huge family enacts a proper drama to fetch Soorya to her place to reunite Simha Daati and Huli Mane  - both ruled by Avinash and Srinivasamurthy. It is because old fit of anger separated these two families.

Soorya is not aware for sometime the game plan of Haasini. It is because of his power she is very confident that Soorya can reunite – that calculation of Haasini does not go wrong. For coming to Simha Dati village Soorya pretends as lover of Haasini.

When the actual lover of Soorya – Gowri comes from city we come to know that Rachita Ram and Haripriya are best friends for a long time. There is another beauty Vaishali Deepak with whom Soorya pretends as lover. This is to set right the two Haasini and Gowri. Finally Haasini admits the reasons behind high drama. So the love track of Soorya is perfect.

What about the feuding factions – Avinash and Srinivasamurthy families, how Soorya works out his own methods you have to watch it on silver screen.

He is the screen stealer in dialogues, action and dance. That is our Dhruva Sarja, he is a wonder indeed. The bright prospects multifold for him – the future projects should be quick from Dhruva Sarja in the interest of Kannada box office.

Rachita Ram is impeccable, her double dimple and acting prowess is matchless. Haripriya in soft beginning and stealing hearts for her beauty is another treat from this film. The song of the two with Dhruva Sarja is on top. Vaishali Deepak has given good performance.

Among seniors Thara Anuradha, Srinivasamurthy, Avinash, Suchindra Prasad given their best – Thara (Shravani Subramani shade a little) and Suchindra Prasad especially steal hearts from emotions. Sadhu Kokila and Ashok combination of comedy is right on track.

V Harikrishna four songs are up for joy of music lovers. The opening title song is racy, there are two melodies, one group song with three heroines is well placed.

Srisha Kuduvalli cinematography is fantastic. His angles, sharp takes, giving good atmosphere in shots – he is so smart in his work.

Dialogues and editing also score in this film with top class marks.

For action lover, lovers of real life, sentiment lovers, youths – ‘Bharjari’ is loaded with full paisa Vasool contents!

Go and watch this film without fail.
5/5 *****
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