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The eminent director Yogaraj Bhat was literally looking ‘Doolininda Eddu Banda Maga’! It was at Kanteerava Studio one has to close his nose without fail from handkerchief. So much was the dust that treated the media attended the shooting spot on Monday night.

Yogaraj Bhat was looking tired and he has deviated from his usual thought of films should be made for age group of 20 t0 25. In ‘Panchatantra’ he has concentrated on people who are 50 plus in life. This Panchatantra shoot at Kanteerava studio with two sets from art director Hosmane Murthy was giving the feel of one of the songs of Yogaraj Bhat ‘Hale Patre Hale Kabna Hale Paper….song in Junglee (in 2009).

It was Doordarshan set in which Rangayana Raghu and team all grey haired persons living. On the opposite side is Bond Car garage lead by youngster Vihan Gowda. Sonal is Rangayana Raghu daughter. Akshara Gowda in the colony is followed by four boys.

Yogaraj Bhat recalled his friend driver Anand who died in an accident. He was so close and special to me. In his absence I have told ‘Anand Gadi Tegi’ to go to ‘Tagaru’ audio. At this time Masthi (dialogue writer of Tagaru) and Kantharaj were discussing something. They told me to hear the story line and proceed. Bhat was impressed with their work. It was so good for him in all ways. At a very quick span of time the climax also got a hold. Yogaraj Bhat dropped the film of Dr Shivarajakumar for this film purpose as everything was flowing so well once the project was taken up. We gave Esopasana stories and Panchatantra stories but this ‘Panchatantra’ is different. The oldies and younger generation claiming that the area belongs to them have a surprise when another claimant comes to the spot. Finally there is unpredictable climax assures Yogaraj Bhat.

With Rangayana Raghu there is Subbanna, Dilip Shetty, Sathyanna, Dr Kini, in twenty plus group there is Vihan Gowda (according to Bhat he will flourish for 15 years in Kannada as he has right physique looks like Salman Khan and takes on given role with involvement, he is a good mimicry artist too), Sagar, Nanda, Aditya, Sonal, Akshara Gowda, Saakshi etc. This Car garage team prepares vehicles for the race.

When Rangappa team known as Doordarshan has several shops in his kitty and young team clash on the ownership of land, while Deepak Shetty and his father Bala comes as original owners.

Panchatantra is in the production of Hariprasad (director one film) and Mahesh (editor by profession), it will move on to a few places for shooting. At this place 25 days shoot is the plan of Yogaraj Bhat.

Gnanamurthy is cameraman of this ‘Panchatantra’. According to Bhat first thing strikes to kind is the location, then writing work and of course V Harikrishna music.

The team members of the film ‘Panchatantra’ expressed satisfaction of work and great opportunity in the camp of Yogaraj Bhat. Vihan Gowda urged Yogaraj Bhat not to appreciate him. Sonal after a stay in Mumbai is coming to her first Kannada film. Akshara Gowda tall and beautiful take on four boys in this film is in her second film. She worked in Hariprasad direction film in the past. Saakshi is coming back to cinema after 14 years gap.

Rangayana Raghu as Rangappa has given dates because of Yogaraj Bhat. He heads oldies team but working in the camp of Bhat is always a great feeling he says.

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