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Posted date: 04 Fri, May 2018 08:45:16 PM
Title – Bhootayyana Mommaga Ayyu , Producer – R Varaprasad Shetty, Ravishanker, Anil, Direction – Nagaraj Peenya, Cinematographer – Nandakumar, Music – Ravi Basrur Cast – Chikkanna Shruthi Hariharan, Tabala Nani, Rockline Sudhakar, Girija Lokesh, Honnavalli Krishna, Bullet Prakash, Mohan Juneja, Umesh, Manadip Rai, Vardhan and others.

Director Nagaraj Peenya has given a responsible film laced with comedy and reality. It is a dyeing performance from Rockline Sudhakar. It is difficult to do this role of a dead actor. The film looks at the realities of life when the important person dies. It opens up the ugly faces of many and thus holds mirror to the society.

It is natural and performances are in excess, dialogues are well written, you would know the circumstances are similar to that of ‘Thithi’ Kannada cinema.

The assessment made by Nagaraj Peenya reaching out to fifty plus house where death has occurred is not exactly the same of ‘Rangappa Hogbitna’.

Machine Muniyappa is a money lender in the village. He has given loan to quite a few people only on word of mouth. In a rare situation Machine Muniyappa consume the water filled with an ayurvedic tablet that would put him to long sleep. It is similar case of Coma. The people in the village and relative think that he has kicked bucket. At this point the real face of the people opens up. Late in the night when no one is near Machine Muniyappa he wakes up and is baffled. Thirstiness makes him to drink the same water filled with tablet that put him once again fast asleep.

Later situations are once again filled with real life happenings. There is a love story of Chikkanna and Tabala Nani that is not connected to this deadly drama. 

Some of the actors have done over acting and scream in their voice. Chikkanna has quite a different role. There is nothing big for Shruthi Hariharan.  Rockline Sudhakar and Honnavalli Krishna as best friends share major talking.

Cameraman Nandakumar and Ravi Basrur in music have given a competent support while the film ‘BMA’ is good one for rural areas.
Score – 3/5 ***
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