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Posted date: 14/February/2009

A film on the life story of 70000 plus unclaimed body cremator Mahadeva stirs your hearts, opens up your mind and makes you to think is this life all about. From birth to death we see so many stages in life do good and bad. But when you are neglected and thrown out even after death without doing ‘Samskara’? This is where a person Mahadevu the state award winner for his yeomen service strikes. The Kannada cinema has come a long way from ‘Samskara’ in 1970 to ‘Samskaravantha’ in 2009. it was an untouched body in ‘Samskara’ that lay on the road but here in ‘Samskaravantha’ a human to the core without asking does the final rites and he demands nothing. Baruvaga Bettale Hoguvaga Bettele – Idara Madye jeevana Balu Kattle! Yaake Badadathi Thamma Kone Thanaka!

Why do we have to die? As a kid you get nice little while shoes with white laces and a velvet suit with short pants and a nice collar and you go to college you meet a nice girl and get married, work a few years and then you have to die – death comes like along like a gas bill one day can’t pay and that’s all one can say about it.

On why after death you should be neglected is what every human individual has to focus and try making not to reach such a situation.

Samskaravantha in the 21st century look totally different in the days of globalization. On a two wheeler Kudre Gaadi he carries the unclaimed bodies to the burial ground sometime from the government hospitals. His earning is very meager but humanity is great. When the passer by tease and torture him at the signal light for carrying the foul smell bodies he decides to carry the bodies in closed vehicle. That is the only wish of this gentleman to the core. He has detractors too in the hospital. The trouble for Mahadevu mounts up when he gets the state award. He loses his job but the presence of a journalist earns him the job. Yet he never jumps in job. Even when his son is outstanding in his studies Mahadevu is serene in his looks. He knows the truth of life.

The film is touching when Mahadevu does Pooja for all his cremated bodied. It is because he does not know where his mother is buried.

With such a story line director Parthasarathi takes the ‘Arishadvargas’ and makes some touching points. He gives the attitudes of different persons in life while explaining the silent last procession for bodies.

Sanketh Kashi deserves a few awards for his perfect application of mind to this role. An actor involving in the role extremely Kashi sets an example. Venkat Rao, Venu, Padmavasanthi and Gova Dattu have been given the right role.

Two songs in the background are apt and explain a lot of things to the human brain. Elukote Chandru camera work is not bright. The film needed some technical up gradation.

Finally, you do what you’re doing and if it’s going to happen it will and there’s nothing you can do about it!


Banner – Saarathi-Nath Group

Story, screenplay, direction, producer – K Parthasaarathi

Music – Sadguna and Nagesh

Camera – Elukote Chandru

Cast – Kashi, Padma Vasanthi, Suchendra Prasad, Venu, Venkat Rao, Rajeswari, Ashwath Neenasam, Gova Dattu, Shanker and others.

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