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Posted date: 10/October/2009

Why you should see ‘Ballari Naga’ – that is because of all together different Dr Vishnuvardhana at the age of 59 years. He is tough, cool, comic and dialogue delivery in the Ballari belt Kannada style is something notable and unforgettable. He has his own style the quite impressive narration further add to the value of the film.

Naane Bere Nanna Style Bere says Ballari Naga with many names to his credit – He is Muthu alias Naga Manikya, mediator Naga, three cards Naga, high contact Naga, Diamond Naga etc. He knows the high voltage treatment is the right one to set the things right. So he punches first and then says why he has done it like that.

Why does he so? He has been neglected youth. Like how Ramachari adhere to Chamaiah Meshtru in ‘Nagara Havu’ the block buster of Dr Vishnuvardhana debut as hero he has Avinash to do good for his family.

No one in the family knows who this Balary Naga – he comes like a wild wind works like a wild fire and sends the cool breeze to the needy. Ballari Naga comes to head the mantle for 25 years but there is warring faction for the property – brother and sister. When detractors know who this Ballari Naga they are baffled because he is also the key person.

Wow! What a terrific screenplay that carries till the end the interest of course doing good for everyone banishing the main culprit.

Dr Vishnuvardhana is spectacular because he has used the new diction in his language that is so sweet. He is a pack of simplicity, innocence, hardness and goodness. The munching of ‘Paan’ is regular for Naga. The costume for him from his daughter Keerthi Vishnuvardhana is too good. The cooling glass always for Dr Vishnu in this film is so apt and fits immaculately.

Ramesh Bhat, Avinash, Ambarish Sarangi, Nag Shekhar have done great job. Chitra Shenoy as mother to Dr.Vishnuvardhana is not what acceptable. But it happens in the tinsel town.

The title song is well scored by LN Shastry. The cinematography in close up is bright and dilutes in the long shot.

First Hodi amale Maathu is Ballari Naga slogan! Maathu Yaake Hogi Nodi!

Banner – Bindhusri Films, Producer – K Manju, Screenplay, dialogues, camera and direction – Dinesh Baboo, Music – LN Shastry, Cast – Dr Vishnuvardhana, Avinash, Shobaraj, Ramesh Bhat, Chitra Shenoy, Dharma, Manasi, Rajesh and others.

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