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Title – Srikanta, Producer = Manu Gowda, Direction – Manju Swaraj, Music – Ajanish Lokash, Cinematography – Suresh Babu, Cast – Dr Shivarajakumar, Chandini Sreedharan, Vijaya Raghavendra, Achyuthkumar, Chi Gurudut, Dilip Shetty, Anil Kumar, Sparsha Rekha and others.

It needs guts for a common man to take steps. Look at this ‘Srikanta’…a common man. The film by Manju Swaraj in production of Manu Gowda released in a grand scale is a different kind of film especially in the second half. The first half train episode is very tactfully handled.

The first half is easily passable and second half is brilliant because of various developments and holding the attention of the audience till the last frame. A right film at the right time has also tucked so many meaningful and hard realities to engage the audience.

The film is narrated in a journey and when the two Srikanta and Tarun (Vijay Raghavendra) reach Agumbe, the audience would have rain of developments.

Srikanta is almost like the lord Shiva holding so many emotions he is not able to put it out. He is traveling in a commotion filled mind to Agumbe. You would know at the end of the film. The co traveler Tarun salutes Srikanta with folded hands. The amount of pain and risk taken by Srikanta in life for his people you would know by that time.

Srikanta works for his people in the colony. He is rude and dashing. When the handicap school teacher Shashi (Chandini Sreedharan) fall in love with him – the travel he makes with her in cycle showcase the true life of Srikanta and that also makes the heroine to understand that she has to live in such horrible conditions. Then only Srikanta approve for the marriage.

Srikanta faces obstacles when his wife restricts him from working for ransom. Shashi in fact changes the status of Srikantha men. Srikanta is alone and his work for a politician pays him wrong debts. As an individual with wife pregnant takes on the disgruntled opponents, he pays the penalty. What is that you have to watch it on silver screen!

Dr Shivarajakumar is precise to his role. He has changed his style from other films to this one Srikanta. The anger, smoking style, action, dance, dialogue delivery in stern style is a treat. Chandini Sridhar as female lead has emoted well but she looks plumb (reminds Saritha of yesteryears). Achyuth Kumar, Chi Gurudut, friends of Dr Shivarajakumar (the five when they turn sister to Shashi – it is very well depicted) have added good support.

Ajanish Lokanath musical scores are melodious and peppy, Suresh Babu cinematography gives a visual treat, the editing style and pattern is appreciable.

This is worth a watch film.

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