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Title – Bruhaspathi Producer – Rockline Venkatesh, Direction – Nandakishor, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – Sathya Hegde, Cast – Manoranjan V Ravichandran, Kannika, Mishti Chakravarthy, Sithara, Saikumar, Avinash, Sadhu Kokila, Tarak Ponnappa, Prakash Belawadi, Ravi Chetan and others.

This is a film appealing to the youths of this generation. There are many freeloaders in the society. All such representative is you see in the first half of the film. Please pick up the phone from all you know in life. It would be very important one like shown in this film. Amma is very important in life. All men and women would feel the greatness of mother in this earth. Yet the consequences are quite different.

Nandakishor in the direction and Rockline Venkatesh as producer have seen some of the sensitive elements in this film. A remake of Tamil film of Dhanush ‘VIP’ (vele illada pattadari) needs some heroic elements for Manoranjan. Instead of getting yelled he should have belled for first half beauty. The second half he makes some startling efforts and stands out like a mass hero in this ‘Bruhaspathi’.

In the house of parents Saikumar and Seethara – you find siblings. The younger one Rajakumara is working in Software Company but elder Sudhir is waiting for right job with civil engineering qualification. There is disparity from father in the house as Sudhir (a villain name to start with) is sent to corporation school while Rajakumar get education in convent school. The language becomes problem for Sudhir to give good interviews for a job. He has lovely care from mother and his father is affectionate here and there in the first half.

The seriousness in Sudhir grows heaps and bounds for his costly mistake. He is roaming with Divya in Chamundi Hills while his mother repeated calls are not picked. At this time Sudhir father and younger brother are in Mangaluru. The mother calls becomes last call in life. Sithara mother of Sudhir dies of heart attack. Not picking the phone is a big shock for Sudhir in life.

As the organ transplant of Sithara mother of Sudhir saves the life of one Ramya daughter of a big builder the job for Sudhir becomes easy. Sudhir is given task in life to built low cost housing for poorer people of the society by Ramya father Avinash.

Sudhir has to win the contract because it is government desire of housing to poor. The actual guts and intelligence of Sudhir open up now.

It is not that easy for Sudhir to fulfill Rs.300 crores contract for houses to poor. He faces uphill task from opponent builder. Sudhir uses the latest technology at one point of time that bring him laurels. Rest of the developments you have to watch on silver screen.

Manoranjan is very appealing in action, dialogue delivery (a lengthy dialogue in front of opponent at work spot), innocence are good. The intoxication to his roles in future should be avoided. He is a representative of youth in the first film Saheba and his ideals in the character were dam good. In this ‘Bruhaspathi’ the pegs should have been avoided.

Mishty Chakravarthy is a pleasant heroine to watch. Kannika has a short role. Saikumar and Sithara as parents have done well. Tarak Ponnappa as son of Prakash Belawadi has turned out good in his role. Avinash has a agile presence in the film.

Sadhu Kokila, Kuri Pratap and Ravi Chetan are good in their respective roles. V Harikrishna comes up with three lovely songs. The background song on mother is touching. Sathya Hegde cinematography is simply superb.

This is 145 minutes ‘Bruhaspathi’ needs your sympathy.
4/5 **** 
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