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Posted date: 9/January/2010

The result of this film ‘Preethiya Theru’ is having butter on hand failing to convert it into ghee. Producer Lokesh Reddy for his son Thanil starring film ‘Preethiya Theru’ invested Rs.4 crores and full two years. He is now ‘LOW CASH’ Reddy - that is ought to be the result because of the churning out a very poor film by director Prasad.

‘I have enough money and nothing happens if I lose from this film, I have earned the experience of making 100 films’ says the producer Lokesh Reddy after the film at the media meet shows how sick he became while making this film. He is not ready to shift the responsibility or blame. He agrees that producer gave him the budget of Rs.80 lakhs but Rs.4 crores is a big drain he feels now.

Coming straight to this ‘Preethiya Theru’ the film deserved to be better in all the departments. The first and foremost is the training to shape up Thanil. He is a poor guy in acting and expressions have not come from him. If the director is not aware of this acting department he could have hired a proper trainer. Even that common sense has not been used.

Coming to contents – Prasad feels he has dug up the hill to give this kind of story. The story is as old as Adam and eve. The screenplay is also not tight. The dialogues are OK. The cinematography is compelling and two songs are worth hearing once.

The protagonist Shakthi is a sincere lover of Preethi. Preethi ditch him on a misconception. On knowing Preethi is engaged to someone Shakthi is affected with Hysteria and Disassociated Identity Disorder that is similar to what we see in last year ‘Nam Yajamansru’ – split personality disease. Shakthi is given right treatment by a Dada (played by Lokesh Reddy). Shakthi is fine after treatment and he disrespect the love.

Thanil is good in action and romance. Not in acting. Madhumitha also deserved to better. The character played by doctor Spoorthi is good looking. Lokesh Reddy in a long shot getting down from helicopter with goggles, turban and white costume looked like Dr Vishnu.

Sum Sumne…song is trendy. The cars, helicopter, bikes, costumes used for this song makes it grand on screen! Preethi Idhenidhu Maya gange haridalu….is melodious from Prasad. Babu camera work is impressive.

Kannadadha Makkalella Ondagi Banni to save this Rs.4 crores film of Lokesh Reddy!

Producer – Lokesh Reddy, Story, screenplay, music and direction – Prasad, cinematography – BL Babu, Cast – Thanil, Madhumitha, Lokesh Reddy, Rachana Mourya, Kokila Sadhu, Dharma, Ashwini, Sonia, Malathi Sardeshpande, Mico Nagaraj, MN Lakshmi Devi, Bank Janardhan and others.

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