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For the first time in the Indian history a film in four languages – Kannada as Butterfly, Tamil as Paris Paris, Telugu as Queen and Malayalam with the title ‘Zam Zam’ with four top heroines – Parul Yadav (also creative producer), Kajal Agarwal, Tamanna Bhatia and Manji Mohan respectively worked for nearly 45 days in the most expensive and lavish locations of Paris. This the major record for MEDIENTE banner headed by Manu Kumaran.

The film in four languages is all set to enter the pages of history for his making and presentation. This is a most watch for all family audience says Parul Yadav who is moving with this film for nearly one and half years giving up all creamy offers in her career.

The eighty percent of shooting has been completed for Kannada and Tamil version and one schedule is balance for all four languages in the nativity background. Working in five degree and doing the protagonist role Parul Yadav was obviously excited on this dream of her career in life. She plays a local girl Parvathi hailing from Gokarna who is dumped just a day after marriage. She goes to Paris with pass port ready and how she realizes the life and moves alone for ‘Honey Moon’ is interesting for the women fraternity. In the days of break ups – this is a film for all mothers, sisters and younger generation. When you love yourself everything will look positive. This Parvathi finds herself in this travel. When you enjoy yourself and believe in yourself break ups never affect says Parul Yadav looking more delectable in her address.

Sathya Hegde entering the Tamil cinema industry for the first time with high potential he proved in Kannada filmdom shooting in France with 150 members in the team for 45 days is first time in the Indian history. The credit for it should go to producer Manu Kumaran he says. This is a national level subject and working with Ramesh Aravind is very special. He is not ‘Thyagaraja’ but he is ‘Sahana Murthy’ complimented Sathya Hegde for Ramesh Aravind patience. Sathya Hegde came to know how difficult to be a vegetarian living in France for 45 days. Actress Parul Yadav and Kajal Agarwal are very focused in their work and this is different to extreme he has pointed.

Sathya Hegde was popular in France among crew members because he used to keep food items in his jacket stated Ramesh Aravind on his ‘Chatnipudi, Pickles’ etc.

Manu Kumaran the man with extremely strong guts to make this mega movie disclosed that Ramesh Aravind is outstanding and Parul Yadav is extraordinary. Manu Kumaran hails from the family of cinema. His father is a great director in Malayalam films. In the recent festival of films a retrospective of his father Kumaran films were in one of the sections shows his capabilities. Manu Kumaran is a man with good heart and extremely talented mentioned Ramesh Aravind.

Grand master in work Ramesh Aravind a gentleman hero in films is on an epoch making four languages cinema. Ramesh Aravind known for pretty good explanation mentioned on the severe cold of 2 to 5 degree shooting as the continuity demanded. Parul has taken full courage and done it. There is a great degree of commitment and involvement in all the four. It was a super bet at the beginning when Parul Yadav was cast for lead. She has won the betting. The workshop what we have done for five days helped us a lot. She has helped in the production side. In a place like Freju in France the most visited and most popular location shooting for 45 days needs guts and that is shown by Manu Kumaran. With 150 on board for the film and setting up an SLV type kitchen – the commitment, enthusiasm and vision all looked like adventure informs Ramesh Aravind.

It is amazing to work with Rameh Aravind stated Mamata Sagar dialogue writer of Kannada version ‘Butterfly’. I could see visually and Parul Yadav as typical Gokarna girl is wonderful. As a woman writer I am happy to be part of this film adds Mamata Sagar.

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