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Beautiful Manasugalu VERY BEAUTIFUL
Posted date: 20 Fri, Jan 2017 10:08:11 PM
Title – Beautiful Manasugalu, Producer – Prasana Kumar and Shahikala Balaji, Direction – Jayathirtha, Music – BJ Bharath, Cinematography – Kiran Hampapura, Cast – Ninasam Satish, Shruthi Hariharan, Achyuthkumar, Tabala Nani, Prashanth Siddi, Sadeep, Manjulath Bilikere, Manjayya, Radha Jayaram, Meghasri, Swathi, Chanchala Bhat and others.
Papakke Prayaschiththa! This is what every human being demands and approve. What about for the loss of dignity and face value in the days of ‘Face Book’. Get back the lost dignity at the same place where you have lost.
It is a big solace to kind hearted people of this society. Look at what happens for Nandini and Rathna in ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’. They are framed as prostitutes by a corrupt cop. It is such a boulder shock not only for the two but the families, friends and others who know them closely. Nandini lover Prashanth (Ninasam Satish) not ready to accept her after this wrong framing! Before that he has earned her good will so well. Just for the heck of one incident he misjudges his lover.
That is human tendency is what director explain. On the other hand the cute Rathna marriage breaks down with such insult.
Visual Media breaks out the news further spread the news like wild fire. The same media does a good job in booking corrupt cop via CCTV.
Is it enough for the film? No says director with a few more minutes that is very interesting with the kidnap of daughter of corrupt cop by Prashanth. Prashanth on the other hand wants ‘Prayaschiththa’ from his side and  also from the point of view of corrupt cop played by Achyuthkumar.
Waare Vaah you would say for the end as the wrong image turn to right image. Kudos to Jayathirtha for giving such a people friendly cinema picking a tale from 2013 happening!
Achyuth Kumar is best of all. His controlled performance, very cool at places, composed when he admits his fault at Bengaluru Press Club shows high caliber of this actor. Finally when his daughter hit back it is the VOICE OF PRESENT GENERATION.
It is Shruthi Hariharan career best performance in ‘BM’. The looks, simplicity, very apt dialogues, her screaming in the middle of public against Prashanth are so good.
In silence Ninasam Satish wins in the climax. Tabla Naani philosophical words remind Dr Ambarish in ‘Drama’. The Rathna character, Sandeep and daughter of Achyuth Kumar have all given excellent performance.
One song, a title track and Raghu Dixit Santa Shishunala Sharief song ‘Soruthihudu Maneya Maalige…. Coming at places is so precise.
Kiran Hampapura is a silent killer in his work. His framings, capturing of locations is visual treat.
This is 110 minutes cinema ‘Beautiful Manasugalu’ – you would miss something very special from Skkanda Audio production if you don’t buy tickets and watch.
Jayathirtha avara Thirtha and Prasada is good treat!
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