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Title – Chakravarthy, Producer – Veera Films Siddanth, Direction – Chintan AV, Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – KS Chandrasekhar, Cast – Darshan, Deepa Sannidhi, Dinakar Toogudeepa, Kumar Bangarappa, Shivadwaj, Aditya, Sharat Lohitashva, Srujan Lokesh, Yashas, Siddanth, Harish Roy, Ramesh bhat, Ashok, Sadhu Kokila and others.

Among all 47 films of challenging star Darshan, this ‘Chakravarthy’ is having intelligent screenplay and Chintan has done fantastic job in this 156 minutes 54 seconds film. It is an A class cinema. The director brilliance and patriotism is so good till the end of the film. At one point of time when Rashtrageetha is at the background Darshan and Kumar Bangarappa is saluting each other, there was need for audience in the theatres to get up in respect. That did not happen at INOX Mantri Malla Malleswaram. Of course before the start of the film audience stood up for National Anthem. That is height of bringing in ‘Rashtra Prema’ from director. In fact this is a film that is precisely applicable to all countries that are facing such hurdles for the country. This is where the growth of the director is visible. He has got adequate support from the producer plus Darshan deserves kudos!

What best a debutant can think, you would find everything in this film. The first half is nothing but ‘Aa Dinagalu’ a war between Oil Kumar and Maharaja (played by Shivadwaj and Dinakar Toogudeepa). In the mayhem created by Maharaja, the blood boils for Shankra (Darshan), he takes up the Maharaja gang but Oil Kumar gang deceive him. Shankra knows that it would happen like that. At this time the police make use of the situation. The don of Mumbai Shetty and Deewana international don are very curious on this development.

Back home Shankra works like undercover agent. He does not miss the chance of serving his country. He comes close to Deevana and Shetty. How effortlessly Shankra with intelligence put down the empire of Deevana, what happens to Shetty who joins the team of Shankra is brilliantly narrated.

Naav Law madtheve, Neev Order Maintain Madi says the super cop Aditya to Shankra in the end. The soldier father of Shakar salute his son, the wife Shanthi who had a great aversion finally hugs to hear the heart beat. We would have passed a long journey of thirty seven years by this time.

As a dialogue writer for quite a few films of Darshan, Chintan has carefully made this film. He is not like others in his style, system and sensitivities. He has for the first time made the Darshan fans to increase their level of intelligence. A lot of questions come in the mind but all of them get answers when Aditya comes up at the court hall.

Darshan rocks every time he comes on screen. He has variety in this film that is not found in his other films. The justice to the family and country is well defined in his role.

The second actor to rock in this film is Dinakar Toogudeepa as Maharaja, his angry looks, dialogues, fierce style is absorbing. The third credit goes to Aditya a popular hero. The style adopted by Aditya with sharp dialogues wins him applaud.

Deepa Sannidhi as Shanthi never crosses the ‘Shanthi Marg’, all her misconceptions get cleared on her husband Shankar, hut where is the grown up son you would find.

There are two melody tunes that haunt you. Yee Usirige gali Neenagiru... is best of the two lovely songs. KS Chandrasekhar has given every possible angle for the film with utmost care and brilliance.

There is a bombastic film for the fans and for Kannada filmdom a new variety to remove the thorn from the thorn – that is terrorism.

Go and watch this film unfailingly.

3/5 ***

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