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The veteran actor of over 500 films Mukymanatri Chandru is well known as ‘Mathina Malla’. He is also shrewd and knows how to pull the legs with his good mixture of humor. At the honor to his colleague of over 500 films Doddanna at Kalavidhara Bhavan Mu Ma Chandru taking mike admitted a few facts. Doddanna was felicitated for his 500 films by Nam Gani B Com Pass team. He was given the crown of 'Sakalakala Nidhi'/

Take a look at it:

·         Naavu villains and comedians (Mu Ma Chandru and Doddana) are not as bad as heroes in real life.

·         Doddanna is a man with great talent and humanity. He often tells lies, that is very essential for me to at occasions.

·         Doddanna on two occasions took me ample care. Once at Nammura Hammira shooting a huge bell hit my head and blood started oozing out. Doddanna on the sets took me to hospital and given complete support to recoup. In another occasion – when my eye got injured he stood by me and attended for right medical aid.

·         Recently I had clearance of five blocks in the heart he came and filled lot of courage for me.

·         Doddanna Sullu Helthare – he is very fond of ‘Oththu Shavige’ (eatable made from rice floor) and one month ago he had told that he will visit his house. Oththu Shavige he should come and accept.

·         It is difficult to act with him because he has great strength. When I used to perform I used to know what he does and then get in to my portion.

·         Doddanna has great control over Hala Gannada, Hosa Kannada, Mythology, Vachanas, Puranas etc.

·         After TN Balakrishna and Narasimha Raju this Doddanna is so ‘Leelajaala’ in his performance and dialogue delivery.

·         It was very good experience of ‘Ghalate Aliyandru’ Mauritius trip. It was 35 seat plane. Doddanna wanted to go to urinals. The rest room was so small, airhostess literally pushed him but he is not going inside. With one leg outside he completed the task.

·         At the bath room also he got packed with shower on. Finally he landed in swimming pool for complete bath – remember he was 45 kilograms more in those days with huge tummy.

·         At the toilet he sat for ablution. When he coughed, the western common got converted in to an Indian toilet Chandru explained the situation.

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