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Title – Chowka, Producer – Dwarakish Chitra, Direction – Tarun Kishor Sudhir, cinematographers - S Krishna, Sathya Hegde, Santosh Rai Pathaje, Shekar Chandru, Sudhakar S Raj, five music directors – Arjun Janya, V Harikrishna, V Sridhar, Anoop Seelin, Gurukiran, Cast  - Vijaya Raghavendra, Premkumar, Diganth and Prajwal, Priyamani, Aindrita Ray, Deepa Sannidhi, Bhavana Menon, Abhirami, Chikkanna, Sharat Lohitashva, Kashinath, Darshan (special appearance), Dwarakish, Avinash and others.

The Dwarakish Chitra 50th film is delectable in many ways. The huge film of 178 minutes, it needed double interval,  the first half takes time for introducing four main characters and building up their love and the breath taking mood  starts just before the interval. It is escape to tragedy at the end. The most delectable point is going back to 80, 90, 2000 and coming to 2017 at the climax is served for the audience.

One thing is sure. Tarun Kishor Sudhir had done four films in one film. It is a big journey for the audience. The pinch hitter is climax of this film at Suvarana Soudha in Belagavi (Set). The four guys making it live with legislators inside lock all of them and book the finance minister played by Avinash. It is a lengthy climax, yet Tarun has told what he wanted to the people.

One of the biggest achievers in Kannada cinema in the line of production, direction and acting Dwarakish has rejoicing moment today as the 50th film ‘Chowka’ a foursome film is hitting in over 200 screens. In the debut film Tarun Kishor Sudhir has taken the biggest challenge of working with nearly 30 plus prominent actors and technicians. Yogish Dwarakish is executive producer while for the first time Bagpiper has ventured to Kannada cinema in joint production.

The two powerful additions to this film are challenging star Darshan who appears in guest role while power star Puneeth Rajakumar has rendered a song for this ‘Chowka’ – four top heroes, four top heroines, five cameraman, five music directors, five lyricists, five dialogue writers and five art directors have contributed for this film.

The film ‘Chowka’ is very special for four heroines – Vijaya Raghavendra, Premkumar, Diganth and Prajwal, four heroines Priyamani, Aindrita Ray, Deepa Sannidhi, Bhavana Menon, five music directors – Arjun Janya, V Harikrishna, V Sridhar, Anoop Seelin, Gurukiran, five cinematographers - S Krishna, Sathya Hegde, Santosh Rai Pathaje, Shekar Chandru, Sudhakar S Raj stood behind the camera,  Yoganand Muddan, AP Arjun, Suni, Anil Kumar, Chitan are five dialogue writers, Shivakumar, Mohan B Kere, Arun Sagar, Ravi Santhehaklu, Hosmane Murthy are five art directors for this film.

The film dedicated to fathers, it is also special because right from title card the technicians and artists father photos are utilized. There is nothing wrong in becoming terror for ‘Truth and Justice’ is one point agenda of this director.

The most popular song arrives at the right time and it is shot between Kashinath and Manvitha Harish (of Kenda Sampige fame). The arrival of challenging star Darshan as Robert to punch the Jungli in the prison is perfect and roaring element in the film.

The four pairs are Hakki Gopala-Premkumar and Pushpa played by Aindrita Ray. The wish of Gopala is to join underworld don Jairaj gang. Jairaj is played by Sharat Lohitashva, the maker up is so near to the real life rowdy.

We have Krishna, Diganth and Maria played by Priyamani. The wish of Krishna to be partner in life of Maria takes a different turn. Maria is three pregnant with her husband Alex in Muscat.

Soorya Shetty from Mangaluru is in love with Bhumi played by Bhavana Menon. Soorya is a civil engineer by profession.

We have Anwar that is Prajwal Devaraj and Gowri a Hindu girl falling in love. Anwar is tourist guide in Bijapur. He speaks of humanity than on religion.

All the four are wrongly framed by the police because of circumstantial evidence. They are in the company of Escape Viswanath (Kashiath) in the prison.

Two songs are spread for the foursome; in the prison they have Alladsu Alladsu….song that has a brief entry for Dwarakish and Tarun Kishor Sudhir. The Chikkanna character is the one that connects all the four at different places. It is finally Chikkanna who comes to the rescue of escape plan of four plus one!

The later part of the film is escape from the prison despite of shrewd eye of cop (played by Abhirami). That is interesting part of the second half.

The second half of the cinematography is handled by Shekar Chandru. It is a glorious work from the technicians and artists in ‘Chowka’.

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