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Title – Onthara Bannagalu, Producer – Yogesh B Doddi, Direction – Sunil Bhima Rao, Music – BJ Bharath, Cinematography – Manohar Joshi, Cast – Kiran Srinivas, Pratap Narayan, Praveen Jain, Sonu Gowda, Hita Chandrasekhar, Dattanna, Lohitashva, Sharat Lohitashva, Tennis Krishna, Sadhu Kokila, Suchindra Prasad, Ashalatha, Sunder, Veena Sunder, Malathi Sardeshpande, Aruna Balaraj, Govinde Gowda, Kempe Gowda and others.

No one has ‘Black and White’ journey completely in life. He has joyous moments. After birth the demise happens without joy it is the mistake of the person not this universe says the great authors.

In blossom of the colors of life the debutant director Sunil Bhima Rao has captured many brilliant moments and stays high on the emotion part of his film. At the start he gives a big relieve most required for the younger generation. As he starts making a beautiful sculpture out of a stone he gives fine finishing with colors of life and controlled emotions of life. The dexterity of the director in debut is no doubt delectable. Of course the first step of this director is strong and competent.

What is ‘Onthara Bannagalu’ – it is a travel of sorrow and happiness. Getting a flavor of relief from veteran Dattanna that a travel would ease tension, trio Jai Sri Ram take up three days jaunt to Badami, Hubballi and Mangaluru to relax from the ‘Janjad of life’.

Jai Sri Ram are Kiran Srinivas, Pratap Narayan and Pravin respectively get two additional to the travel. Sonu as Janaki and Hita as Hita Chandrasekhar in the road trip give some lighter vein moments. The five discover in their own perspective is another hall mark of this film.

There is a sense of maturity in the narration of this young director. He has tried hard to give a precise and compact film. At times audience would feel that they are on an outing. The jerks in the form of human emotions get hold of the attention.

The portion of Sri (Pratap Narayan) especially is touching to the hearts when he individually travels to an emotionally attached place of his ancestors. In the case of Jai (Kiran Srinivas) the entry of Kumuda is a emotional past. Praveen as Ram a model in real life is positive and thinks before his decisions.

The supporting actors Lohitashva (seen after a long time) Dattanna, Sadhu Kokila, Suchindra Prasad, Sharat Lohitashva, Ashalata and Tennis Krishna are apt in selection.

On the technical front this film is in top order. Abhijit has done sound designing for the film with live recordings of sounds.

BJ Bharath the most happening music director today has given two lovely tunes Olavina Asseyu Shuru….and Enano Hudukutha….

The color for the feast from ‘Onthara Bannagalu’ is also from the cameraman Manohar Joshi. The camera angles and journey at Badami, Siganduru, Hubballi and Mangaluru gives a wonderful relief.

One thing is sure Sunil Bhima Rao first direction is poles apart from the Gandhinagar formula films. He is attentive and amazing at many places in ‘Onthara Bannagalu’.

Go watch this film without fail.

Rating:3.5 /5 ****

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