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Posted date: 18/July/2009

This is a dialogue based terrific film on the lazy bones in the society. Getting up from cold storage ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ is a laugh riot no doubt. It digs at various flaws of existing system in its own way and for the sharp and sensible dialogues of Guruprasad it is only Jaggesh who can add the required punches and the class timing of Jaggesh is the major fillip to this film. Tabla Naani kuttu Bajaisi Bittiddare! Yagna Shetty is the new hope to Kannada cinema industry. Working in nearly 11 departments of this film that also includes the production executive Guruprasad showed his strong determination, control on the media and his haunt for something new and notable is appreciable. The punch point is the conversation between Manjunatha and blind director!

Instead of writing more about the film we give you some of the lovely dialogues for our surfers. We feel it is enough to take the audience to the theatre. Don’t be lazybones to buy a ticket and watch this cinema!

  • He is cordless Manjunatha narrates his tale to a blind Naani to make a cinema.
  • Kapgidre Krishna, belgidhre SM Krishna.
  • Rahukala Gulikala nodthidhre 110 crore population agthittitha
  • Mathalle party cancel madthira Gowdara Tharaha
  • Madhuvena – Eradu Jana malkolakke adhestu Jana Eddirabeko
  • The god with a cup of poison and nectar on asking gives a kick from both – 25 and 75 of poison and amrutha is whine, vodka and beer. The 50:50 of poison and amrutha is whisky, brandy, rum etc. 75 poison and 25 amrutha is arrack taken by the poor people.
  • Jaggesh Mimicry where in he takes on various artists is impressive.
  • The small child taking a few drops of brandy…the grand mother says Adhen Kudithiyo…heege Kudithidre Srinagara Kitty agogthiya!
  • You have Siddaramaiah photo in the house. He is like jack fruit. Rough outside and soft like fruit in side.
  • Hudgira Manassu en lodge ankondra moor divas book madi bidakke!
  • Don’t change the mind BS Yediyurappa CM bejaru madkothare!
  • On the release day of the film Patrakartharige Gundu Hakisthini.
  • Going to a whine shop – Ye ondu Upendra, Ondu Darshan Kodo (both endorse UB and Knockout) – Ibru Anatharu, olledagali.
  • Naayi Rotti Kadithivi Handhi Hathra Kakka Kadiyalla!
  • O Enu Ooota straight baige hogthidhe…neevu kurudaradru, Nan cousin Kuruda avanige Erdu Makkalu.
  • Henchu Kadhre Dosai, Hen Kadhre Samsara!
  • Thaudi Illadha Maneli Nuchchu Kelidha Haage.

 There are many more which we want you to catch it up in the theatres. There has been extraordinary speed for this film and Guruprasad has worked not inches in the film but for every centimeters. He knows what would click among the masses and with Jaggesh the mass comedy hero he has not committed flaws except that he did not do the songs of the film in a beautiful and attractive style.

Guruprasad ‘Mata’ was something unique and this ‘Eddelu Manjunatha’ is outstanding. It has a simple story of a lazy bone Manjunatha not doing any job and living on his wife salary. How he repents when his wife decides to give up the child in the womb is the fag end of the cinema.

Ashok V Raman in the small space has captured splendidly. Everything looks natural as there is no make up to the artists. It is as if happening in your next door. Anoop Seelin has given lovely scores and he enhances his image from ‘Ghooli’. But the fact remains that his songs in the audio album are not available to hear on screen and except Arathi Etthiro Kal Manjanige….nam Sul Manjanige…..other songs like Baa Chakori Chandramanchake….and Kshamisi Ghandasare….needed some good shots. Prapanchave Baaru…sung by MD Pallavi is superb.

Journalist colleague Sanathkumar picking this kind of film in the first venture as producer shows his concern for meaningful cinema with the package of entertainment not missing.

This is a film that holds mirror to the society and you cannot miss!

Banner – Producer – Sanathkumar, Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Costumes, Lyrics, Direction – Guruprasad, Cinematography – Ashok V Raman, Music – Anoop Seelin, Cast – Jaggesh, Tabla Naani, Yagna Shetty, Guruprasad, V Manohar, AS Murthy and others.

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