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Preparation of ‘Bombaat Bojana’ for family audience with loads of entertainment values is the first scoring point of ‘Snehitharu’.
Producer Soundaraya Jagadish is how rich could be ascertained from this film ‘Snehitharu’. It is a ‘Pukka’ entertainment for class and mass audience. In the production, selection of artists and technician it is a win for ‘Ramanarayan’ debutant director.
When you look at the standards set by this film it is not short of any Hindi, Tamil, Telugu cinema. There is terrific speed for the film. The developments are engaging. The artists are aptly selected.
What is this ‘Snehitharu’ all about? It is not just about Master Snehith tantrums but there are many incidents that finally lead to climax in Mangalore harbor.
Orphan Snehith is brought to the house by ACP Suryaprakash (Darshan) and he is not liked by parents of ACP. While this is the case in the family ACP Suryaprakash brings in a teacher for the education of Snehith. That is Anjali (Pranitha). There are four youths Vijaya Raghavendra, Srujan Lokesh, Tarun Chandra, Ravishanker who take the ransom from a villain to get acceptance of Anjali Love. Foursome are behind Anjali and there is Snehith who makes the target very difficult. The parents of Suryaprakash (Girija Lokesh and Ramesh Bhat) give ransom for foursome for kidnap of Snehith. This turns out very precarious as Snehith is kidnapped by other gang.
The gang that uses the children for begging kidnaps the children and transports it to Dubai for huge money. Snehith is in this gang. It is managed by terrorist gang.
How the terrorist gang, children kidnap gang are put down on silver screen? You have to watch the series of developments that takes place one by one.
In the end the elders who hatched a plot to kidnap Snehith realize their fault and ACP Suryaprakash arrives once again for final settlement of scores.
In the beginning of the film Master Snehith tantrums are liked by his age group. Children should be crazy yaar! When Darshan arrives on the screen it is a lightning and thunder. When the foursome are around it is funs, when Shobaraj is pressed by a female don for marriage it is further fun, When Tennis Krishna, Sihikahi Chandru, Sadhu Kokila come up on screen it is ‘Bun, Butter and Jam’ as treat.
The song Thindi Aitha Saar…is very peppy and entertaining. The Aparadi manasali…comes it is very melodious. Nikita Tukral song Thirty Forty site Sachingintha Height….it is once again an entertainment.
Producer Soundaraya Jagadish production values are appreciable. He has given so many artists for director Ramanarayan. Without a strong story the director moves on with lovely screenplay that carries the film smoothly.
MR Seenu cinematography is very catchy. In the outdoor and interiors he gets a fine visual treat.
Those who have not laughed for a long time, those who want to laugh for giving ticket price – ‘Snehitharu’ is worth watching.
TITLE – SNEHITHARU, Producer – Soundaraya Jagadish, Direction – Ramnarayan, Music – V Harikrishna, Cinematography – MR Seenu, Cast – Master Snehith, Darshan and Nikitha guest role, Vijaya Raghavendra, Srujan Lokesh, Tarun Chandra, Ravishanker Gowda, Sihikahi Chandru, Sadhu Kokila, Shobaraj, Ramesh Bhat, Girija Lokesh and others.
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