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Posted date: 27/December/2008

A hairline story in ‘Haage Summane’ is like a drop of honey on a parched land. The ‘Mungaru Male’ story teller Preetham Gubbi in his first direction has the color and canvas but not a gripping narration and convincing story. The lie master hero is imbibed in real life is very dangerous. The effort is good but what is expected from this youngster did not come up.

The grand father, son and grandson are very casual it is accepted. But not the grand father that too a senior actor and director KSL Swamee saying hospital is the best place to booze, because for aged persons it is ‘Thaiyiya Madilu’. Look at the youngster with no responsibilities in studies spending Rs.50 lakhs on the issue of making a proposal. The entire set erected by art director Mohan B Kere goes useless. The right spending is not done in the right place. A school kid failed in two subjects instead of giving a right approach the ‘Tharle’ salvation is also not acceptable and that shows the moral responsibility of the director Preetham Gubbi.

Preetham has tried to produce another Ganesh with white skinned Kiran. The dialogue delivery with a slight change indicates that Preetham Gubbi is attempting to replace Ganesh (is it because the sequel of Mungaru Male got squashed). Only one song and some brilliant camera work from Krishna are the passing marks for this film.

The unruly youth with his lavish father and mom not living is not given the proper attention in the family. He is not like Rocky the other film released hero of this week. While Rocky studies well to be self reliant in ‘Haage Summane’ the protagonist is a spend master. He does not know the value of money. He is ready to have Paani Poori stall for his fiancé in his home, ready to spend Rs.50 lakhs to erect a set- the wish of his fiancé to propose his love. But the fact remains that his fiancé Kushi is not in love with him. Where are the today’s guys going?

The pestering and perchance of Preetham the protagonist makes Kushi to accept the challenge to change her attitude in three days. Preetham in the best environs of Kushi fails even in this challenge. Facing defeat has become his permanent hobby for him.

Why he has not been able to change Kushi? She is suffering from a disease. What is that? Take out your time to watch this movie.

Every day cannot be Sunday. Every occasion the protagonist uses the wrong tactic of lying. This is not in good taste. The characters do not move in this motion picture. The lengthy dialogues are at one position many a times. Preetham Gubbi Inna Palagabeku!

Kiran looks very joyous and naughty but he lacks expressions. There is no variation in his dialogue delivery. It is monotonous. Suhasi the bollywood beauty is very gorgeous on screen. The language is the problem for Suhasi to give right expressions. Edakallu Chandrasekhar looks pale on the screen. Swamee taking dosage from liquor shop could have been avoided like the dialogue. Sharat Babu is very good in his short role.

For the first time Pranaya Raja Srinath gets a share of respect which he richly deserves in a Kannada cinema. Comedy actor Pawan with photographs of Srinath and his songs is a good tribute to the gentleman.

Haage Summane title song is going to stay in the memory for a long time. Cinematography by Krishna is very nice and pleasant.

Haage Summane time idhre hogi banni!

Banner – Dharma Pictures

Producers – Murali, Pramod, Kiran, Santosh

Story, screenplay and direction – Preetham Gubbi

Music – Mano Murthy

Cinematography – Krishna

Cast – Kiran, Suhasi, Chandrasekhar, Sharat Babu, Yamuna, Pawan and others.

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