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Posted date: 19 Sun, May 2019 12:35:41 PM

According to latest information challenging star Darshan ‘Duryodhana’ point of view of ‘Munirathna Kurukshetra’ with a battalion of top artists of Kannada cinema and Kichcha Sudeep ‘Pailwan’ are clashing in the battle of box office on 9th of August – on Varamahalakshmi Day. Both are releasing in a minimum of 5 languages.

In both the films ‘Tode Thattuva’ scenes are there! Yes. In Kurukshetra Bheema does that and breaks the thigh of Duryodhana to finish the battle. In Munirathna Kurukshetra, how it is shown, we have to wait and watch. Duryodhana is played by challenging star Darshan while Bheema is played by Danish Sait. It is breaking of Darshan thigh in the battle field to Kurukshetra.

Coming to another big film clashing with huge multi star cast cinema ‘Munirathna Kurukshetra’ is Kichcha Sudeep ‘Pailwan’ in S Krishna direction and production – in this film Kichcha Sudeep ‘Tode Thattuva’ role because he is Pailwan in the film. This film is also releasing in more than five languages at a time.

The two big films clashing in the box office is OK says producer Munirathna Naidu who is also Film Producers Council President.

In the Karnataka market two big films can sustain. It is our Sudeep and there is no problem. Let us encourage all Kannada films is the call of sitting MLA and producer Munirathna Naidu.

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