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Title – Dhairyam, Producer – Dr K Raju, Director – Shiva Thejas, Music – Emil, Cinematography – Shekar Chandra, Cast – Ajay Rao, Aditi Prabhudev, Ravishanker, Jai Jagadish, Honnavalli Krishna, Manamohan and others.

Director Shiva Thejas in his second film has given a brilliant film with excitement full in the second half. The first half is also convincing but for both the pre and post interval a few minutes of scissors was required for this 140 plus minutes ‘Dhairyam’ in the debut production of Dr Raju.

The film has loads of interesting elements right from Ajay Rao character, heroine Aditi Prabhudev (on the lines of Radhika Pandit in acting potentiality) character, Jai jagadish, Ravishanker, giving their best, the film is a good entertainer and Paisa Vasool cinema.
The kick the film gets when the prominent person is seen dead in an apartment for that just a few minutes ago the protagonist has given a visit. From here the film picks up the speed. How a thorn should be eradicated from another thorn, the protagonist Ajay very efficiently handles the situation.

The scoring what the director Shivathejas gets is superb. He has made the screenplay very well and the situations giving guessing moments for the audience would bring good mileage for the film.

All are very good performers in this film. Ajay Rao good pack of emotions, romance, diligent in studies, cleverly handling of the tough situations, he scores over all others in the film.

Aditi Prabhudev is a good dancer, very good in dialogue delivery, very sweet in looks and another one in the path of Radhika Pandit or Rachita Ram – it is a pretty good debut for her.

What is this Dhairyam all about? An intelligent student in the final year Ajay has working mother, struggling father and caring grandmother in the house. He faces the tough situation and ‘Money’ becomes everything for him. To bail out all the problems he finds the wrong path just for once. He settles down after getting Rs.2 crores in his clever way.

In the police and political circle there is havoc from what he has done. The police hunt for Ajay and nab him. Ajay is very intelligent in handling the coming situations. He effortlessly keeps the top cop in his control at the end. How he manages everything with safety to his wife, parents is the need of the hour from the director.

There are two good lilting tunes. The costume at places is not precise. The dancers and heroine have same colors of costumes.

Cinematography is par excellence. There is very good dialogue too. In the first attempt Dr Raju has won as for as making, presenting to the audience a delectable movie.
4/5 ****
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