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Posted date: 02 Mon, Oct 2017 10:08:11 AM

Noted producer of Rathavara with woes and worries in his mind came before the media on Thursday afternoon at Green House Raj Milan. Annadhata today has no value. A producer is facing unnecessary problem from the regional censor board. Just for showing the ‘Bennu’ of heroine censor has punished with ‘A’ certificate. That is very much essential for the film. The approach of censor in giving ‘A’ is condemnable. The multiplex would not all the ages below 18 and it is a big drain on producer. Why the other languages films come out free with more liberality he questioned addressing the media.

Our banner is against vulgarity, double meaning dialogues etc. It has been our guidelines in cinema. For such a banner ‘A’ certificate is awarded, it worries a lot. A producer sells his properties these days and is at the hit back always. Look at the heroine of this film Priyanka Malnad, hearing to others she is not coming to publicity of the film. She knew what is shot and just a few second of her back (bennu) now is issue she is raising objections and not coming to publicity.

For me ‘Annadhaata is Audience’. I obey their certificate. If I have done a vulgar film the audience could spit on me. I will be waiting outside the theatre.

One more woe of this humble producer is that his ‘Rathavaram’ Telugu film received very poor response. I did not get one percent of my investment of Rs.1.5 crores Dharmasri Manjunath feels bad on his destiny. They don’t care for Kannada producer. Where as in Karnataka we care for all non Kannada producers films! Why is it so is another question of producer at the ‘Vaira’ release time.

Nam Kannada cinema ‘Kasakkintha Kade’ in other states is what I have understood.



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