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Title – Dhwaja, Producer – Ravi, Direction and cinematography – Ashok Kashyap, Music – Santosh Narayan, Cast – Ravi, Priyamani, Divya Uruduga, TN Seetharam, Veena Sunder, Tabala Nani, Bala, Mandya Ravi, Sunder Raj and others.

This is a Pukka commercial, political and crime thriller. The political brains how vicious for the seat of power you would analyze in the cinematic presentation in ‘Dhwaja’. A remake of Tamil film ‘Kodi’ has some changes in the craftsmanship of Ashok Kashyap.

From the beginning the film takes off to the masses and appeal inch by inch. Look at as a film and know how vicious brains in the seat of power works. You would not imagine some of the characters twist in this film. The love and hate relationship is never ending in politics it seems.

What is more than love – this film attributes that ‘Power’ is more than love. The obvious situation arises when Dhwaja and Ramya fall in love belonging to different political parties. But there is something more than that you have to watch it on silver screen! At last ‘Dhwaja’ always files high!

At the outset it looks like a love story of ‘Dhwaja and Ramya’. Dhwaja has a twin brother in the house Jana a professor in the college. The ‘Motte Mahalakshmi’ is his pair in the film. As the political snake and ladder game begins the lovers are contesting against each other. The tug off goes to extreme (we will not tell the happening) and it makes Jana to enter politics.

The twist at this time comes from Ramya, she invites him to his political party and silence the political party of ‘Dhwaja’. I the later reels Jana become MLA and Ramya reach to the spot of Member of Rajyasabha.

This is not just over, the hunt begins and that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Priyamani is excellent. She has understood the role completely and made it look very natural and superb. There are more than half a dozen situations you can talk about Priyamani in this film. She remains so fond among the audience after watching this film.

Newcomer Ravi doing double role wins tremendously. As Dhwaja he is fitting to the core. His dialogue delivery and height, twisting moustache, action, cooling glass white and white costume haunts you besides his performance.

Diviya Uruduga has a good beginning but slowly her role gets neglected. In the supporting characters Veena Sunder, Tabala Nani, TN Seetharam, Dr Sunder Raj and a few others remain in your memory.

There is brilliant work from music composer Santosh Narayan and already ace cameraman Ashok Kashyap holds attention for his cinematography and some new changes made to this remake.

It is 149 minutes ‘Dhwaja’ – you can easily watch this film to make it fly high in box office.

Score – 4/5 ****

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