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Nearly 75 days of no activity in cinema because of Corona 19 virus lock down, the free time at home the Kannada filmdom has not used it properly in strengthening the coming days. No discussions, debates happened in the interest of the three sectors – Producer, Exhibitor and Distribution.

However some are restricted to songs, skits and talks to keep their fans entertained. The super stars did not come under this social media platform to engage their fans. The TV industry and OTT platform utilized to some extent in the entertainment business.

Pawan Kumar of Lucia, U Turn fame known for crowdfunding cinema made a crowdfunding appeal, pooled money and distributed it to cinema workers in a systematic way.

The intelligent youngster Pawan Kumar is now on Film Makers United Club (FMUC). This club is a platform for all. The directors and cinema industry people talk about the exhibition of people, hold seminars on line. The like minded people and audience discuss in this club. The intention is to bring the audience to the theatre. The necessary fund for cinema making is also possible to rise.

The cinema reviews, debates, director’s chats, cinema history etc are other possibilities. Generating new ideas and making use of social media like YouTube, facebook, website is helpful.

This Film Makers United Club will operate within one month says Pawan Kumar, Directors such as Aravind Shastri, Abhay Simha, Eere Gowda, Mansore, KM Chaitanya, Adarsh Ishwarapa, Jayathirtha and others have already joined the club.

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