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Title – Double Engine, Producers – Arun Kumar N, Srikanth, Mandhara A and others, Direction – Chandra Mohan, Music – Veera Samartha, Cinematography – Soorya S Kiran, Cast – Suman Ranganath, Chikkanna, Ashok, Prabhu, Priyanka Malnad, Shobaraj, Achyuth Kumar, Suchindra Prasad, Sadhu Kokila, Dattanna, Padma Vasanthi, Mohan Juneja and others.

This Double Engine is worth a Dekke! Director of ‘Bombay Mitaayi’ Chandra Mohan has opened up several facets of life in his comedy filled cinema that is also touching at places.

The three wayward youths with one charming money lender Suman Ranganath have wants unlimited. The foursome is out on a big risky task of earning Rs.100 crores. They have a task of transferring the precious ‘Chombu’ to another person in city.

Foursome is in deep trouble for money. This huge share of money permits their minds to take any risk. They are ‘Kiththodoru’ in their village. Good for nothing. One of the trios in the village Ashoka is fed up of his father agriculture. They need a few lakhs to start their work on the big risk. The money lender in the village Suman Ranganath support with money and she decide do join the team in the risky job. What transforms once they reach city to handover precious ‘Chombu’ is with twists and turns.

Chikkanna behind Suman Ranganath so much is in excess. The beautiful lady Suman Ranganath has nothing big to boast, Ashok and Prabhu are good competitors in acting. Achyuth Kumar, Dattanna, Shobaraj, Padma Vasanthi lent good support in the character roles.

There are two good scorings from Veera Samarth, cinematography of Soorya Kiran is very special part of this film as technical addition is on top gear.


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Kannada Movie/Cinema News - DOUBLE ENGINE WORTH A DEKKO!Rating:3.5 /5 -
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