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The stalwart at 75, veteran Dwarakish was in different mood on his birthday – 19th of August when the film media visited to greet him on happy birthday.
Dwarakish actor, director, producer who enjoys more the profession of direction is a man filled with memories that are luxurious, long lasting, that are lessons for him and to the one who hear it.
Cinema is not like writing examinations and passing out. Like the studies in academics there is hard work in cinema but yet it is ‘Gottillada Guttu’ – the secret one cannot know in cinema.
The 51st cinema of Dwarakish Chitra was announced on his birthday. It is ‘Amma I Love You’ a remake of Pichchakaaran Tamil film. Ishan is playing lead role and KM Chaitanya is working on bringing it to our nativity in Kannada.
Take a look at some of the observations of the grand master of Kannada cinema Dwarakish.
·         I have completed journey of 55 years in cinema. I came to film field in 1962 with the help of my maternal uncle Hunusuru Krishnamurthy. Olle Darbar Nadedide. It is full of Gaali, Birugaali, Tangaali….etc. It was not an easy stay. Difficulty was there. In nobody house they recommend one to go to cinema.

·         Up to 20 years I was in Mysuru – studied in Banamaiah High School, then studied automobile and worked in Bharat automobile spare parts shop. Whether the work at spare parts or cinema was my option.

·         I told my brother that I would be just in one cinema and come back. If you want to go to cinema go permanently was the answer I got.

·         The beginning was 1962, in a joint production later on I produced Mamateya Bandhana, it was with Veenus Rathnam Iyer, father of Manirathnam.

·         I should owe a lot to Dr Raj, Dr Vishnu, Shanker Nag, Dr Ambarish in my life. Those time Dr Raj and my company in acting was very popular. I paid Rupee 1 for Siddalingaiah to director ‘Mayor Muthanna’. The film went on well that was made in shoe string budget. In 1982 I went to make Tamil film with Rajanikanth.

·         The going was good till 90. It could be called as my Golden Era. Actors were proud to act in my banner.

·         Watching Ulagam Sutram Vaaliban, I thought of making a film Singapuradalli Raja Kulla.

·         The Kulla series – Kulla agent 000, Kalla Kulla etc were big hits.

·         I had kept purposefully 000 = No brain, no height and No qualification.

·         I went to abroad trip with support of N Veeraswamy. Looking at the locations I used to make situations.

·         It was Africadalli Sheela that robbed all my earnings. It became Indiadalli Saala!

·         Somehow for over 14 years I did not make movies. I lost heavily in this time.

·         It was in 2005 ‘Aptha Mithra’ came up. It was Soundarya who told with confidence that the film will win.

·         In my first direction ‘Nee Bareda Kadambari’ the box office was full. At this time I took the rights of ‘Sharaabi’ – at this time I was coined as ‘Remake Raja’.

·         Nee Bareda Kadambari was made in 21lakhs. Offer came for 27 lakhs, I did not give Friday release film on Monday was sold for Rs.65 lakhs.

·         Jayaprada had given call sheet with Vishnu in lead. At the last minute Jayaprada backed out. I brought in Jayasudha. The film was a flop.

·         For the flop the reasons were not needed. Masters in the cinema like SS Vasan, LV Prasad have tried. Once LV Prasad had recalled all his 170 prints – reshot for the film. He assessed the reasons for failure. Then released it for very atrocious results.

·         In my case the date of release was announced on the muhurut day. Lab analyzers used to mark it. I was the only one who used to do it like that. The release of film was also not more than 18 theatres. For B centers it used to go after six months.

·         I was the one who was hearing to lots of stories. N Veeraswamy used to say ‘Kullanige Hogi Kathe Heli’.

·         Failure is part of this cinema. It had not left greats like Puttanna Kanagal, Siddalingaiah and many others.

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