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Dyvare: Two Stars Are Born
Posted date: 06 Fri, Dec 2013 11:14:46 PM

Dyavre, the film that marks the entry of director Yograj Bhat as an actor and the debut of his former assistant Gadda Viji as director is a film for both the masses and the so called urban intelligent audience. The film has a long list of actors from Rajesh, Sathya, Neenasam Satish, Sonu Gowda, Arasu and many others. It is the first-time actor Yograj Bhat who walks away with all the honours. Viji has managed to tell a profound story revolving around how people react to the idea of being confined in jail for a crime. With Dyavare, two stars are born; director Viji and actor Yograj Bhat.

The film starts and ends in a prison. Yograj Bhat is a jailor and though strict in his dealings is unable to do anything about the crumbling infrastructure. A TV reporter comes to interview the prisoners and is shocked at the situation. Just as luck would have it, the prison wall collapses after a tree falls on it during the rainy season. Many prisoners are injured and many more are hurt. We also see that the narrative is now taken over by Yograj Bhat but not as a jailor but as a prisoner. How did the jailor become the prisoner?

This is just the beginning of the story that has lots of twists and turns and many smaller stories entwained to it. The smaller stories are of the prisoners and how they became prisoners. Post interval it is the story of how Bhat tries to get the escaped prisoners back. But another police officer played by Sathya is asked to kill all the escaped prisoners to save the image of the prisons minister. Does the jailor succeed. He succeedes as well as fails in this enchanting tale. Dyavre is not just one simple story. It is an amalgamation of various stories and narratives and is best enjoyed on screen.

The songs by Veer Samarth are awesome and are an integral part of the narrative. The tunes become endearing. Viji has managed to get the maximum performance form all the actors. The cinematography is tight and frames surprise you. The editing must have been a challenge but is deftly handled. Dyaver is one film you should not miss.

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