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Title – Edakallu Guddada Mele, Producer – JP Prakash, Direction – Vivin Soorya, Music – Ashik Arun, Cinematography – Shanker, Cast – Swathi Sharma, Nakul, Bhavyasri Rai, Dr Bharathi Vishnuvardhana, Dr Srinath, Edakallu Gudda Chandrasekhar, Jyothi Rai, Lakshmi Siddaiah, Ravikiran Bhat, Sumithramma, Dattanna, Sihikahi Chandru, Dharmendra Urs, Usha Bhandari and others.

This is a film with purpose and an awakening is possible to the society from this kind of film. The notable aspect from Vivin Soorya direction is taking the film to the serious level with deep concentration on the state of affairs of present scenario where children are neglected by giving everything expect affection and care.

Producer GP Prakash perhaps has rightly understand the connectivity this film brings to the present generation. With no care, over care and blackmail of teenage children and finally the repercussion of all besides the happening on ‘Edakallu Gudda’ – a crime leading to juvenile court – the final verdict is training of foul brains for three years instead of rigorous punishment. This is the society we live in and you have to accept it.

It is 15 years of age group girls. Four of this age group have different platform of life. Nandini is not with care of parents; Riya has over possessive mother, among two others one is highly traditional and other one with proper care in the family.

Nandini and Riya are very close friends. One of the mistakes in the school parent meet disturb mother of Riya a Christian girl. Riya mother take a promise and that makes Riya go sick of everything. She cannot live without her friends and her mother taken promise not to mingle with anyone. The life of Riya becomes miserable and she takes extreme step of suicide.

This particular incident is what haunts Nandini very much. She is sent to Chickmagaluru for change of place. At this place she becomes friend to Nakul. The visit of Edakallu Gudda by Nandini and Nakul leads various complications that you have to watch it on screen.

Swathi as Nandini and Riya character artist are the best of the lot. Among two other girls the traditional family girl has bright future. All senior actors have given extremely good support. Artist like Dattanna accepting this kind of role shows his love towards the new film makers.

Ashik Arun is outstanding in music. He has given three melodies and the montage songs are superb. Cinematography by Shanker is very competent.

This 136 minutes cinema ‘Edakallu Guddada Mele’ is for family audience. It will pinch those who have done mistakes in life. At one point for crime shown in the film – the punishment in our law is not enough you feel.

Score – 3.5/5 ***

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