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Posted date: 19 Tue, Sep 2017 06:54:43 PM
Once again the self confidence of Nagaraj Gopal is at peak. After two days of release of the film on June 2, Eleyaru Navu Geleyaru’ with 10 drama junior participated children in the film called back because the release was imprecise. He decided to release again in a few months time. At least 60000 people watched
the movie and theatre collections in the first week did not produce any returns.
Now looking at five of the seven days holidays starting from 29th of September, he is re-releasing the film. Of course there is trimming of 11 minutes of the first half of the film. There are no changes to the songs of Anoop Seelin.
In the second release Nagaraj Gopal, producer of the film has made a good study. He has consulted 80 schools across the state. In the first release he made it free for the children and elders. Now he is fixing half of the ticket price for children. The reason behind another attempt is because after the schools reopened the film was released. Now he has arrived at the holiday time of schools and college for five days in the week.
Director of this film Vikram Soori is unaware of what is cut in the first half because he was too busy in Drama Juniors 2 season. It was wrong release, we have right release now. Producer should win in the box office he hoped.
Anoop Seelin music is another talk of the town. One prayer song is asked in a few schools to send the track for adaptation. Anoop a senior music director today liked the ‘Olle Hata’ of producer Nagaraj Gopal.
Meanwhile Zee TV is supporting this film ‘ENG’ and it might purchase the film. Somanna is releasing the film all over Karnataka. There are some theatres asking for the film. 
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