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Posted date: 17/November/2009

‘Bettadha Haage Bandha Samasye Manjinanthe Karagi Hoithu’ – Dr Jayamala announcing the success of meeting on Monday disclosed like this on the raging issue of implementation of percentage system of sharing of the collection from the theatre per week instead of existing theatre rental system.

The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce meeting has finally yielded in winning results for the producers of Kannada cinema. This is with effect from January 1, 2010 the percentage system would be implemented. Good bye to rental system!

The weekly share for the exhibitor depends on the collection of the week. As of now the percentage has not been arrived says Dr Jayamala.

It may be recalled the Kannada Film producers in consultation with KFCC set up a core committee in the leadership of SV Rajendra Singh Babu. The core committee had taken a decision two days ago to stop issuing films to exhibitors from January 1, 2010. Now the things are sorted very quickly.

What happens with this percentage system of sharing the revenue earned from the gate collection? A top ranking box office hero film that earns full house for four to five weeks would give a bumper to the exhibitor. For example the weekly 28 shows collection of power star Puneeth Rajakumar film is Rs.10 lakhs from one theatre and if the sharing of the percentage is 40 for exhibitors and 60 for the producer the exhibitor would get 4 lakhs as his share that is more when compared to his previous weekly rent. Whatever said and done exhibitor is not at risk at all.

From the percentage system there is possibility of good quality films that is not getting the theatres because of high rents getting good placement to screen the films.

Kannada film producer Zindabad!

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