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Posted date: 11 Sun, Mar 2018 04:02:00 PM

The protest on UFO and Qube attitude is further going strong. At a meeting on Saturday evening KFCC President Sa Ra Govindu announced that there will be no new films for screening from 16th of March. The apex body with Kannada Film Producers Council is thinking of an alternative arrangement to kick out UFO and Qube. Rockline Venkatesh has furnished a beautiful working pattern to come in to effect within one month.


The crucial meeting on Saturday in the presence of Tamil Film Producers Council President Vishal, Vice President Prakash Rai, Kadireshan, KFCC members, Kannada film producer’s council has come to very strong decision to think of parallel arrangements.


Actor and Producer council Tamil films Vishal put up a pertinent argument. If a car is purchased on installment it becomes buyer’s property at the last installment. It is similar in the case of UFO and Qube. A small projector and server becomes exhibitor property. In Tamil Nadu to oppose the stand of operators in digital service there will be no activity from 16th of March. How long is not known.  The existing operators charge different tariff structure for Hollywood films and regional films. Today the South Indian film industry together has taken historical decision. We would join together for such causes in future too stated Vishal in his address.


On stopping of activities of Tamil film industry the losses is huge. It is accepted but when the result is much more than losses we have to take such decisions mentioned Prakash Rai. We have to stop the monopoly of operators. They thought that we cannot do anything. They applied divide and rule policy. It is not conducive to work on their terms and conditions firmly stated Prakash Rai. When we don’t bend them now, it will be never he felt.


Kannada Film Producers Association President Munirathna Naidu mentioned that the annual earnings of UFO and Qube is Rs.450 crores. In the last ten years they have made Rs.4500 crores. From one theater they are charging Rs.7625 per week. This is time to think of an alternative pointed Munirathna Naidu. Tamil cinema industry joining hands is a great strength to fight out the disparity pointed Munirathna Naidu.


Noted producer Rockline Venkatesh statistical analysis on how money comes and goes in case of parallel arrangement was convincing. Waah…what a lesson UFO and Qube has taught came to mind. Rockline Venkatesh self reliance policy and growing strong economically with initial investment of Rs.8 crores from KFCC and KFPA for 100 theatres happens, It would be a wonderful arrangement.


For 100 theatres the process of alternative arrangement requires one month of time. We would appoint agencies to work on pattern he mentioned.


Sa Ra Govindu concluding the media briefing stated the principles brought in to practice by former chief minister Devaraj Urs – Uluvavanige Bhoomi – in this case Bhumi, Phasalu and Raitha is ours. We have done mistake by not working on how they would grow from producer content.


Sa Ra Govindu now asks for 50 percent slash on tariff and clear all cases on exhibitors for new arrangement. We are ready to implement new structure for this problem. I would assure that every producer earns Rs.30 lakhs from new arrangement. I urge Kannada producers to cooperate in this direction. On the 16th March there will be no new films. There will be no other language films too. Kannada cinema activities will continue to function he clarified the doubt.

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