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Title – Namo Boothatma, Producers – Elred Kumar, Shruthi Belliappa, Anasooya Komalkumar, Music – Farhan Roshan, Cinematography – Bhasker, Cast – Komal Kumar, Aishwarya Menon, Gayathri Iyer, Shobaraj, Rajendra Karanth, Anaswara and others.

Coming quickly from Tamil ‘Yamirukku Bhayame’ as ‘Namo Boothatma’ Kannada, this is filled with surprises at frequent intervals. The first half moves quickly and is a wonder and second half is thunder.

It is Komal Kumar who carries the film throughout and even after Telugu actor Ali coming also on screen Komal Kumar with Harish Raj (Govindayanamaha time co actors) there is relief to the audience.

Karthik (Komal Kumar) is chased for his TV show that takes away potentiality of a don son. To escape from him it goes in vain. Karthik takes time to search for a proper girl to the don son for marriage. On his search he finds that he has a huge property to his name from ancestors.  Kartik convert the ancient building as ‘Cool Resort’ but everything is not that cool. Firstly it is Sharat who is feared because whatever he says is happening. Soon the presence of devil in the house that is creating horror and strange things shift to an old man – in the meantime a few deaths further create tension to the characters and to the audience.

The tension builds up again when the ghost activity puts everyone in fear. At the end don, his son and henchmen come looking for Karthik. You know what? Come on…we will not tell rest of the tricks of screenplay.

Komal Kumar is brilliant again in comedy with horror mixed role. He reminds of his role with Dr Vishnuvardhana in ‘Aptha Rakshaka’. Aishwarya Menon and Gayathri Iyer are quite OK. Harish Raj rendered good support.

Farhan Rosh has given three lilting tunes. Camera work is quite impressive. The background score is plus point of this film.

For fun, horror and what happens to greediness? You can take a bet and watch the film.

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