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Title – GAJAKESARI, Producers – Jayanna and Bogendra, Direction – S Krishna, Camera – Satya Hegde, Music – V Harikrishna, Cast – Yash, Amoolya, Ananthnag, Srinivasaprabhu, Rangyana Raghu, Ashok, Shivaram, Sadhu Kokila, Prabhakar, John Vijay, Shabas Khan, Jaya, Shanker Ashwath, Honnavalli Krishna and others.

There has been enormous ‘Kesari Hava’ in nation today with Mr Narendra Modi of BJP as Prime Minister of the country. There is ‘Kesari Hava’ in Kannada filmdom too! That is because of ‘Gajakesari’.

As the title unveils in the film one would settle down for the power of Elephant and a Lion. The two strength converge in the protagonist Krishna (you know debut director ace cameraman name is also Krishna) take on Shabas Khan as tormentor of Kannada Nadu. The action portion of this flash back of 360 years that director Krishna brings on silver screen is a fitting tribute to the strength he focus even in title.

The mind blowing portion is that flash back in which Yash has lived to the level of what Shivarajakumar in ‘Bhajarangi’, Upendra in ‘Brahma’ and Darshan in ‘Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna’ roared.

Why you should see this Jayanna Combines yet another smartly made film is because there are multiple reasons. Firstly this film has set a high level of standard in the combination of S Krishna, cameraman Sathya Hegde and front runner in the box office today Yash. There is a sweet little cute Amoolya but she does not have the expected range in her role.

It is the image building of Yash throughout the film. Yash in dialogues has very well utilized the chance to bring applaud from his crowd.

We are talking about other things but not the content of the film – In brief this ‘Gajakesari’ is all about the youngster born in ‘Gajakesari Yoga’. He has to become a Swami or tame an elephant and sit on it to present it to the Sri Shankaranarayana temple.

The protagonist prefers the latter and comes to forest to get an elephant. In his stay in tribal area of dense forest he understands that he has the ‘Gajakesari Yoga’. Two times Elephant Kalinga saves his life. Rest you better watch it on silver screen.

Yash is brilliant in every scene. He looks perfect to the role. His dialogue delivery is appealing, dance is marvelous and action is excellent especially in the flashback of 360 years ago.

Amoolya looks charming but the ornithologist role given to her and love angle with Yash is overshadowed by other proceedings of the protagonist.

Ananthnag is superb in his Swamiji role. He must have remembered his days of visiting Anand Ashram. Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila – both as Dr Rajakumar fans are bonus.

Maneli Amma… loved by the fans and Yash has rocked in dance for Harikrishna tune. There are two more lovely songs in the film.

Sathya Hegde would definitely walk away with a few awards from this film cinematography. He is neat and tidy in his frames.

A new director is born in Kannada cinema. He was seeing the film from his lens all these years from ‘Mungaru Male’ – he is now behind the camera directing. A real win for S Krishna and Jayanna combines.

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