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The first daughter in law of the first hero of Kannada cinema of 86 years   Smt Girija Lokesh, ever lively and smiling enters the 70th year. She declares her age with pride. Girija Lokesh, wife of veteran actor, director and producer Lokesh is the `Sose` of Subbaiyya Naidu – first hero of Kannada cinema `Sathi Sulochana`released in 1934.

Born in Bengaluru daughter of cardamom businessman Puttaswami faced the difficulty when her father`s business was in difficulty. The education she got from her mother was very helpful to carve her future. Dance, swimming, cycling and education motivated her to climb the ladder easily. All these activities were possible for her mother because she used to sell vegetables and via a small hotel making `Dosas`.

When Girija joined the Theatre Company a small portion of her remuneration was going to her father. It started from just Rs.7 and when it increased to Rs.15 there was a little joy.

In the stage play `Samrat Ashok` she met Lokesh and got married in the later days. Girijamma even today says for the next Janma (birth) also I want Lokesh to be my husband.

At 70 Girijamma is happy today because of her son Srujan Lokesh popular `Maja Talkies` bringing him a very good reputation. For her grandchildren she always hopes for good educational qualification first.

Remembering her father in law Subbaiyya Naidu the richly talented actress Girija Lokesh says the days were opting for ‘Perfection’ in all work.

Here are some of the highlights of GIRIJAMMA:

  • ·         Girijamma is a top class personality in theatre, cinema and small screen. Very simple in nature.
  • ·         She has over 55 years of career in three areas – theatre, cinema and small screen.
  • ·         God has given me everything.
  • ·         It was difficult to pay Rs.2 as school fee. She got punished four times.
  • ·         At 14 she was on stage. It was for Om Prashanthi Nataka Madali. She danced for a recorded song. Monthly payment was from Rs.100 to Rs.150.
  • ·         She was Uluchi in the beginning days of Babruvahana, later BV Karath ‘Jokumaraswamy’ play got her more reputation – this play was staged four times a day.
  • ·         It was the first legendary Lokesh proposed to her. Girija stated that she wants to get a National award first. Take time for two years, replied Lokesh.
  • ·         The second film I acted in, `Abachoorina Post Office` got a national award. I traveled with my brother to Delhi to receive the award. Lokesh arranged for a first class compartment to travel.
  • ·         After marriage to Lokesh, Girijamma stayed away from acting for 14 years. On the marriage day Lokesh and Girija acted I 25th show of `Kaakana Kote`. On marriage day it was at 8 am at Sajjan Rao circle Srinivasa temple marriage and at 9 am we went for the play at Ravindra Kalakshetra. We exchanged garlands on the stage and announced marriage.
  • ·         It was Parvathamma Rajakumar who forced her to come back to acting.
  • ·         When I came back to acting it was difficult to arrange dates for Parvathamma Rajakumar film `Nanjundi Kalyana`. At one time Girijamma was in 12 TV serials.
  • ·         My husband Lokeshji used to talk less. He was never a double standard person. To please someone Lokesh was not speaking to anyone.
  • ·         My husband Lokesh's body was donated when he breathed last to MS Ramaiah Hospital. Eyes were donated and on the 13th day of my husband's ritual the eye donation certificates came to home.
  • ·         I always feel that my husband is with me. His eyes through someone are looking at this world.
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