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Title – NAMASTHE MADAM, Banner – Om Pictures, Producer – Ravi Garani, Direction – Raghuran R, Camera – Santosh Rai Pathaje, Music – Sridhar Sambram, Cast – Srinagara Kitty, Ragini Dwivedi, Nikisha Patel, Nikita Tukral in guest role, Sadhu Kokila, Sathyajith, Seetha, Sana, Bank Janardhan, Srinath Vasishta, Sangamesh, Shanker Rao, Layendra, Nagaraj Murthy, Savitha Krishnamurthy, Malatesh, Gandasi Nagaraj and others.

It is glamour, glory and glitz in ‘Namasthe Madam’. At the same time it does not leave the audience by pinching the heart for the excellent sacrifice and vision of ‘Madam’.

The husband caught in the glam of ‘Madam’ boss in the office is not new to Kannada screen. The difference is the ‘Madam’ magnanimity.

Ravi Garani and his team has picked the right remake for Kannada audience and given it in grand style. The beauty of this film with two beauties is the editing and dialogues continuation from one scene to another.

In the cozy family of Nandagopala (Kitty) and Rukmini (Nikisha) the havoc starts with entry of Radhika (Ragini). It is misconception in the beginning that carries forward. All the tests that apply on Nandagopala is finally revealed. In the process there are some dilkush moments from the glam and hot Ragini Dwivedi.

For the series of tests ‘Madam’ gives for Nandagopala the family havoc also comes to serene atmosphere. There is a great deal of vision in ‘Madam’ that you have to watch it on silver screen.

Ragini and Nikisha are at best. Both are in competition as for as glam part of the film is concerned. The costumes and hair style for Ragini is superb and she is on par with any Hindi actress.

Srinagara Kitty has given his best. This type of screaming and sandwiching role he has not done. He reminds yesteryears Shashikumar.

The link is not missing in dialogues. The last word of one scene is the beginning of another scene. Vinayakram Kalagaru and Sai in the dialogues have given notable lines.

This 139 minutes and 4 seconds ‘Namasthe Madam’ reminds V Ravichandran pattern of songs especially when Ding Dong Bell…appears with Saree beauty Nikisha Patel, When Ragini picks up Drankanaka….is it visual treat. The scolding song is also racy.

Sridhar Sambram and Santosh Rai Pathaje in music and camera have maintained good standards. You Madam would appreciate this kind of ‘Namasthe Madam’ – go and buy tickets.

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