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Title – Jai Maruthi 800, Producer – Manjula Ramesh, Jayanna and Bhogendra, Direction – Harsha A. Music – Arjun Janya, Cinematography – J Swami, Cast – Sharan, Shruthi Hariharan, Shuba Punja, Loki, Madhu Guruswamy, Arun Sagar, Mico Nagaraj, Silli lalli Anand, Padmaja Rao, Kuri Pratap and others.

Here is yet another solid effort in the making of ‘Jai Maruthi 800’. A comedy hero Sharan has gone extreme in this film to take up muscle man Loki in the last bout of action. This is not just that portion interesting. The film is filled with lot of variety, comedy, sentiment, vengeance, true friendship, lovely romantic moods and above all it is people that is important, the smile on their face is quintessential is focused by A Harsha with a team of writers in this film. Harsha has given good ‘Sparsha’ of commercial cinema once again.

It is the making and the effort that strikes. An actor like Sharan in the comedy track accepting a sequence where in a friend of Shruthi Hariharan puts him on the floor and punches shows the great degree of down to earth attitude in Sharan. Had he demanded, this scene could have been avoided. Sharan has not poked his nose in the screenplay is evident from such scenes in the film.

In the 154 minutes and 48 seconds there is a strong flashback to the vengeance. It is Raja Chandra Verma regime the two places Narasimha and Gajapathi are warring factions. The two places are separated and there is nothing one could do with the cruel standards set. In the Narasimha gang is a family living as slave. A mother and two girl children – at this place arrives Raghu (sharan) changing his original name. Raghu is most wanted at this place because in the olden days Narasimha brother dies falling from height and Raghu is mistaken for the death. The reason why Raghu comes here is because of the promise he made to his friend. For Raghu the sole agenda is uniting the burning in vengeance Narasimha and Gajapati. He has two lovely girls Shruthi and Shuba in the process. How he struggled and finally shows his muscle power is rest of tale for you. Finally he comes out from walking on fire path.

Sharan in six packs looks very fit and he has moved ahead in his career with such new additions. He has danced well and dialogue for him is like gulping chilled water in hot summer. Shruthi looks lovely and Shuba is sexy. Arun Sagar has lent good diction of northern Karnataka Kannada. Loki and Madhu are superb in their roles. Tear jerker is Padmaja Rao. Sadhu Kokila gives right entry to further tickle funny bones.

Arjun Janya has given three lovely songs – a title song. Ding dong…Mandara…..are memorable. J Swami has given full feast to the eyes. Action is good in standard and Raghu Niduvalli dialogues have not crossed the path.

This is a film for family to watch. Worth your ticket price!

Score – 4/5

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