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Title – Vardhana, Producer – K Sudhakar, Direction – Nagendra Urs, Music – Mathew Manu, Cinematography – Rakesh C Tilak, Cast – Harsha, Neha Patil, Shobaraj, Petrol Prasanna, Manjunath Hegde, Padmaja Rao, Chikkanna, Yethiraj and others.

This is the best film in the career of Harsha and Neha Patil. This is a wonderful debut for Mathew Manu as music director. The flash back of this film is very curious and load of sentiments touches your heart. The first half tricks of director Nagendra Urs to hold the attention is fair enough to watch. It is second half two flashbacks of protagonists Harsha and Neha Patil that are must watch in this film. Mathew Manu from Sadhu Kokila family is done a delectable job with two lovely tunes. The background score is absorbing. Nagendra Urs as director and editor has given his best in the career.

The wish of Kavya (Neha Patil) that her boy should be ruffian, he should put down 10 at a time etc – all criminal ideas are supported in the activity by Chikkanna. Harsha takes up all ideas to please his lover Kavya. Why Kavya is seeking such rowdy elements in her boy has the answer in the second half. When you reach second half you would know who actually is Harsha – he is Vardhana a cop training finished youth with ideals. When his close friend Harsha meets death, he takes his friend name as Harsha and seen with friend mother Padmaja Rao who is mentally sick. As the sickness comes to an end Padmaja Rao considers Harsha as her real son that our protagonist cannot say no.

In the flashback of Kavya, there is a horrible episode from Single Shiva (Shobaraj). What is that and Vardhana background you have to watch on screen.

Harsha the six foot tall actor in a full length film with two shades has done convincingly. His forte is action. Neha Patil looks very beautiful in this film with good costumes and hair style. She has emoted well. Chikkanna in the comedy evokes laughter. Padmaja Rao sentiments are OK.

The song Sojiga Nannava….mother sentiment song and the song in intoxication are good numbers from Mathew Manu.

Rakesh C Tilak has done cinematography with lovely lighting and used natural light at many places.

‘Vardhana’ is 128 minutes cinema hast good contents of a commercial cinema.

3/5 ***

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