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Title – GOOGAL, Producers – Utsav Movies Dr V Nagendra Prasad, N Sridhar, L Ashwath Narayana,  Direction – Dr V Nagendra Prasad,  Music – Dr V Nagendra Prasad, Cinematography – Nagarjuna, Cast – Dr V Nagendra Prasad, Shuba Punja, Deepak, Amrutha Rao, Vyshnavi, Shobaraj, Muni, Jai Dev, Sampath, Krishnamurthy and others.

It is ‘Googal’ but not ‘Google’! A village in Raichur district is the search of a disenchanted father with his daughter and four others! After watching this film and come out of the theatres – the present software professionals not getting married in life and going behind ‘ACHIEVEMENT’ strikes to mind. Marriage is not important among techies today in front of achievement. Without commitment they work round the clock to reach a goal. The situation of this ‘Googal’ film further brings down the attachment of ‘Marriage’ and after!

Dr V Nagendra Prasad is acceptable in many parts in this film and shines in picking the right role for the right age. He picks the right actors, lines in his songs, the film is a family watch and the danger of such a given situation – he alerts the society for the mistake of elders.

What is that mistake and dangerous moment is not precise to discuss in the review. You have to watch the film and digest it. Dr V Nagendra Prasad is a multi task personality. Yet he shines in his lyrics, musical melodies first and then in the content presentation.

As he told in the media meets, it is true that some of the situations are not told so far. Who can say ‘Nan Hendthi Odi Hodalu’? What is the reason for such a situation in the film is also you have to watch. The ‘Athmasakshi’ questioning is very pertinent but what about the child.

After a few minutes we get the shock and that is also the shock of Harish (Dr V Nagendra Prasad). Leaving daughter Kanasu (Vaishnavi) Nandini elope with Balu (Deepak). Nandini has gone with jewels and Rs.5 lakhs kept in the house.

Although Harish with his daughter driver Sampangi (Sampath Kumar), Babanna (Shobaraj), Muni and Jai Dev reach out to trace Nandini – in the middle Harish decides not to search for his wife because of affair she has developed.

What happens in the later stage of the film? whether Nandini comes to Harish house, do they live together, what their ‘Athma Sakshi’ says, what happens to the kid they have, how the travelers with Harish transform for something new….you have to watch it on screen.

This is the best so far of Shuba Punja – she has excellent opportunity to emote, she has done well in the final stages of the film, two romantic numbers for her are impeccable. Dr V Nagendra Prasad has come out emotionally good. His dialogue delivery is controlled and he never crosses limit. He has given neat presentation over all.

Shobaraj, Muni, Sampath Kumar, Deepak, Amrutha Rao, Baby Vaishnavi have enacted very well and adds to the value of the film.

In lyrics and songs Dr V Nagendra Prasad wins once again. The Jo Laali….song, Yake Le…Hoge Le….song, the peppy number for Deepak and Amrutha Rao, the montage songs are additional values for the film.

Nagarjun cinematography is very apt and he holds the attention of every shot without missing the grammar of cinematography.

There are some films entertain, some engage our minds. This ‘Googal’ – does both! Hats off to Dr V Nagendra Prasad.

4/5 ****

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