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Title – Gowdru Cycle, Producer – Smt Savitha Rajesh Chowta, Direction – Prashanth Yellampalli,  Music – Sai Sarvesh, Cast – Shashikanth, Bimbasri, Krishnamurthy Kauthar, MK Matha, Ramaswamy and others.

By looking at this film one would obviously remember the Amir Khan ‘Lagaan’. That is because of Cricket match with British regime. Here it is a cycle race.

In a drought stricken village of the British regime a challenge is thrown to the villager to win the cycle race to get water for living and irrigation purpose.

The villagers work hard and win the cycle race. Then the race for the life begins in the life of protagonist. The village chieftain is very fond of the specially designed cycle and he cannot live with it. In such a situation this antique piece is lost in the village. The rivalry between brothers is looked at the loss of this cycle. A price is also fixed by village head for tracing of this cycle.

The protagonist Shashikanth and his lover Bimbasri also look at this issue very seriously. Finally Shashikanth traces the cycle. The clash at this point of time reaches height and the revenge is controlled in the end because of the relationship they share.

A film with unique title ‘Gowdru Cycle’ specially designed for the film has many tales to explain in the story, screenplay, dialogues and direction of Prashanth K Yellampally. There is enough of fun in this interesting film.

The actors in Gowda role, Shashikanth, Bimbasri and a few others are very natural in their performance. Sai Sarvesh music and lyrics is appealing.

Rating:3/5 ***

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