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It was three audio release events on Saturday. One in the morning at Chamundeswari studio of ‘Chinnada Gombe’, second one is ‘Sarvaswa’ audio at Kings Court and the other one at JW Mariot was ‘Gowdru Hotel’ a remake of Malayalam film ‘Ustad Hotel’.
At JW Mariot it was a huge gathering for Eminent Film Makers. DIVO music has brought out songs of ‘Gowdru Hotel’ a beginning for maestro in music Ilayaraja son Yuvan Shanker Raja in Kannada.

Producers Ramesh Shiva, Sathyan and Satish expressing happiness welcomed the team for the audio release evening. It was on March 12 the film commenced shooting and after six months it is before media again with audio release.

Versatile actor Ananthnag was very happy with the nature of work of director Pon Kumar. The youngsters today sit in the director chair before monitor and give instructions from there for artists. Pon Kumar never used to sit on the chair and was watching with cameraman Shiva always. That should be the style of work he pointed. The newcomer Rachan Chandra is very free in his performance and conscious about what he has deliver applauded Ananthnag. It was a total comfortable atmosphere of work from producers appreciated Ananthnag in his address.

Actor Rachan Chandra admitted that he uttered lies with his father and that was his acting experience. He is good at laugh and for every sentence the wide laugh was there from him.

Vedhika on ‘Vedhike’ of audio release was also bit talkative said ‘times files when you are with right people’. The patience of director was fabulous. Rachan Chandra will be future super star. I could not share screen space with Ananthnag. I hope to get in coming days stated lovely looking Vedhika thanking the cameraman and dance director in the end of her speech.

Yuvan Shanker Raja debut in Kannada said he always wanted his music to talk. I remember my father who made debut here as guitarist with GKV sir. I am scoring music today. We have put in genuine effort he says.

Pon Kumar was at his best speech at the 6th Kannada film audio release. Speaking in Kannada Pon Kumar appreciated the caliber of Ananthnag and Prakash Rai with example, the humble nature of Vedhika when she had problems in her costumes was a mirror to heroines who show attitudes he pointed. The cockroach in her shoe and the swim suit button cut off in the shooting time did not disturb her and that eventually did not affect the shoot he informed on the good nature of actress.

I was angry on the sets sometime. I apologize to everyone today. Pon Kumar arranged for four songs screening and Sunder Master team dance on the dais. He even remembered the lines of Rashtrakavi Kuvempu for his film ‘O Nanna Chetana…
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